5 reasons why Digital makes OOH even more relevant

20 Feb,2012

By Noomi Mehta


#1 Digital helps provide instant displays on giant LED screens without any time loss for printing.


#2 Digital offers an incredible array of colours to give brands a considerable boost in image, making them widely recognised as using cutting edge technology and helping to build the brand in the minds of the younger generation.


#3 Digital gives huge options for interaction with viewers, through technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi etc. For example a display could lead you to a website merely by clicking on it and give news, views, offers, free downloads etc.


#4 Digital LED screens when used in large sizes can create a sensation. It’s like having a combination of flexible neon signs and giant outdoor TV screens.


#5 It provides instant messaging with the added advantage of full colour imagery. It’s great for giving important local news in case of emergencies. It’s great for making special offers to local markets.


Noomi Mehta is the Chairman and Managing Director of Selvel One Group.


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