The Anchor: 5 reasons advertisers should bet on new sports that appeal to Gen Y

07 Feb,2012

#1 75 percent of India is below the age of 35 years.

They are more connected and the world is a smaller place for them. They consume all global sporting action including Soccer, Motor Sports and so on. Advertisers trying to reach them need to understand that they do not consume the same old mix of cricket. The brand needs to be clear if they are targeting 25 per cent ofIndiaor the 75 per cent.


#2 Cricket is expensive.

Advertisers used to get best ROI with Indian Cricket in the earlier days. But now the property is very expensive and out of reach of most advertisers. Brands with a few million rupees to spend for a month cannot even dream of cricket properties like IPL.


#3 Brands looking to be multinational need to associate and build the brand around multinational sports.

With more and more Indian brands buying global companies and entering new countries, they realize the need to look beyond sports played in a very few countries. Only Soccer and Motor sport are truly global.


#4 The future lies wide open to companies that are willing to be nimble, adventurous and innovative.

With the market dynamics changing so quickly brands need to invest into new age sports that allow innovation and brand integration. Unfortunately, established sports do not allow any tweaking as the rules are very firmly set. New sporting ventures keen to gain market share will be more open to innovations.


#5 Cricket is overcrowded.

The market is already very crowded with new competitors are entering every day. And every new brand seems to try and build around the platform of cricket. How will you differentiate your brand and its ethos if everyone has the same product features, same benefits and now the same brand ambassador? Investing into new sports will give the brands a new and exclusive identity. They help brands stand out of the crowd.


Darshan M is the CEO, I1 Super Series at Machdar Motorsports Private Limited.


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