The Anchor: 5 drivers in B2B marketing

28 Feb,2012

By Chaitanya Prakash


#1 Your channel partner has the key.

In a B2B scenario, your channel partners are often closer to your customers. Realising their importance, ensuring the right framework to support them, enabling and engaging them with your brand is critical. While channel development is a function by itself, marketing pitches in with co-branding, co-promotion and joint marketing initiatives. Engaging them through special portals, forums, meets and networks forms the foundation for a long term relationship, besides helping tremendously in understanding customers. Remember, your Channel partners are your brand ambassadors, and hence engaging them requires a long term view (read investment).


#2 Building your intellectual capital.

Steer your PR for more intellectual-driven engagement, showcasing the knowledge and management depth of your company. Clients are often a lot more influenced and assured if their B2B seller knows the business. Participating in seminars, presenting white papers and getting invited for guest columns are only a few ways to start this long journey.


#3 Content. Content. Content.

B2B marketing is far more content-driven, be it presenting through your product or service brochure, case studies, video or advocacy. Focus on the content and evaluate its worth frequently. While the medium today has expanded several fold, and ‘creative’ is important, your key theme (read message) is critical.


#4 Take things personally.

Vijay Mallya makes a bold statement to his guests aboard Kingfisher flights, that ‘he is taking things personally’. In good times, it cut the ice among his guests (today, of course, it may be a different story). In B2B marketing, be committed to take things personally, when it comes to your customers. Engaging your customers beyond the ordinary, with a personal touch, triggers several ripple effects – word of mouth, repeat orders, endorsements and advocacy, to name a few.


#5 Resist the ‘visibility’ syndrome.

Visibility may not be as critical as the right associations. Resist the temptation of investing in a highly ‘visible’ campaign. Instead, think the right visibility campaign, where your brand gets to be seen in the right light, at the right places, with the right associations. It’s long-term, but it’s rock-solid.


Chaitanya Prakash is the Head of Strategic Marketing & Communication for Weir Businesses in India.

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