Sonu Nigam launches Priya Kumar’s “The Perfect World” on 92.7 BIG FM

01 Feb,2012

By A Correspondent


92.7 BIG FM,India’s number one FM Network and the Radio Broadcaster of the Year at the Golden Mikes, on Tuesday launched renowned motivational speaker Priya Kumar’s latest inspirational book ‘The Perfect World – A Journey to Infinite Possibilities’ by singer and musician Sonu Nigam.


Sonu Nigam launched the first copy of the book at an event held at the 92.7 BIG FM studios, also present were model Shamita Singha, Moni Kangana Dutta and Teesha Nigam (Sonu Nigam’s sister). The event was hosted by RJ Ankit, the breakfast jockey at 92.7 BIG FM’s Mumbai station.


92.7 BIG FM, known for its fresh program initiatives, innovatively engineered the launch of ‘The Perfect World’. The book launch is being promoted across the 92.7 BIG FM network through interesting on-air integrations.


The book takes you through the journey of Niki Sanders, who is living an ordinary life burdened with fear, loaded with dreams, a very demanding relationship, a dissatisfying job, a bitter attitude and ever-eluding aspirations. In a desperate attempt to seek clarity, courage and confidence, she unwittingly leads herself into meeting with two evolved souls from across the universe. These superior souls belong to The Perfect World and with them Niki Sanders embarks on the most thrilling adventure of her life; an adventure into infinite possibilities and self discovery.


Sonu Nigam, an avid book lover, said: “Reading Priya is an ongoing healing effect.”

Talking about the book, Priya Kumar said: “My books fall in the genre of ‘inspirational thrillers’. I tell stories that inspire people. Stories loaded with spiritual wisdom, which will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. The Perfect World is an extraordinary story of the truth about your own eternity that will find a place in your daily consciousness.”


The company spokesperson for 92.7 BIG FM said: “Our endeavour is to give innovative content and bring something unique to our listeners every day. This time around too we used the 92.7 BIG FM network to launch a book by Priya Kumar, known for her works like ‘I am another You’ and ‘License to Live’.”


The Perfect World published by Embassy Books is available at bookstores across India and is priced at Rs. 275/-only.

Renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems. She has worked with the best names in the corporate world. Her interactive and at times unconventional methods of training continue to deliver much sought after tangible results. Apart from being a columnist for leading newspapers, Priya does several radio and television shows on Motivation and Peak Performance.


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