Shubhangi Mehta: Where ‘highs’ & ‘lows’ are treated like a comma, never a full stop

01 Feb,2012

By Shubhangi Mehta


Waking up on wintry mornings at 8.30 am, getting out of my cozy bed, freshening up and entering the MxM India office (my study) where my laptop is my colleague and my Blackberry is the boss’s messenger. Strange eh? Well, this is precisely my life at MxM India, and if not every day, at least most days I have been in absolute high spirits.


To be very honest, when I joined MxMIndia, I wasn’t really sure of the future, neither mine nor MxM’s but that’s where the ecstasy was and more so, it was the trust of the MxM team that I was good enough to do the job.


The past four months have been a mixed bag for me in terms of highs and lows just like a regular journalist working anywhere, but what makes it different to be at MxM is that here ‘the highs’ as well as ‘the lows’ are treated like a ‘comma’ and never a ‘full stop’.


Whenever we work in a company, it becomes a second family for us but working with MxM made me realise that this place has actually become like a family for me as I am a part of the foundation team.


What makes me feel proud is that despite the challenges we have managed to do some high-quality work, be it the breaking news or the exclusive news of agencies bagging businesses or the fun of doing the ‘Big stories’, we do it all here at MxM.


It is after joining MxM, I felt personally responsible for the misses on my site. If a story on my site is appreciated, it makes me feel content, no matter whoever’s by line that story has.


The reason which makes the working experience different at MxMIndia is that each of us is responsible for his/her work. We are all colleagues here and the attitude of pushing someone else behind in order to accomplish one’s own goals is nowhere to be seen.


No doubt, the same routine everyday makes life seem a little monotonous. But, what the hell? Every work becomes monotonous in a while, it’s the way we do that work which makes a difference.


In the past year, I had often questioned myself many times if this is what I want to do in life. Is journalism something I want to continue with? Is advertising the beat I enjoy writing on? Well, working with MxM I have realised that I need to stop ‘trying’ to fit in, this is something I was born to do, because even if I commit mistakes it simply means I am trying. ‘Try and don’t give up’ is what MxM has taught me.


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