Rafiq Barak: What keeps me going is the challenge of the creativity

01 Feb,2012

By Rafiq Barak


My day officially starts at 7.30am. At a time when most of the people are waking up, I am uploading content on MxM website, ensuring the photographs are right, and checking for a variety of characters which get into websites. The job requires a sharp eye and mind, not easy first thing in the morning.


After the content is uploaded, then there are the newsletters that I have send out after a set of test mails.


If all this sounds routine, most of the time it is…But what keeps me going is the challenge of the creativity. Be it the big story images, or the design work I do for the website.


If you think images are easy work, and one can ‘borrow’ from the web…it is not. MxM has a strict code of ethics where I can lose my job for picking up photographs from the Internet without permissions. So I have to be creative with what I have. Sometimes, the concept of the story is simple and has ready images.


But the real challenge is when the concept is abstract and the image has to be created. One story image I enjoyed working on was the recent Hindu ads big story. Sir (my boss) had suggested a concept but I went ahead with something I had created and sent it to him. I took a chance and it worked…he responded with ‘excellent’. It was good to be appreciated.


All of this requires good planning…But at night I go to sleep with a clear mind that the work I did for the day was my own and on the right side of the law!


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