Outdoor Advertising Professionals’ innovative outdoor arena for SA Tourism

02 Feb,2012

By A Correspondent


The landscapes and abundant wildlife of South Africa is the canvas for Outdoor Advertising Professionals, who are using innovative outdoor ideas to promote South Africa Tourism.


South Africahas truly been a ground-breaking destination for adventure, sport, nature and wildlife travel and is a pioneer and global leader in responsible tourism.


A creative and out-of the-box idea by Outdoor Advertising Professionals was of putting up a tri-vision billboard for this campaign, the first of its kind in Mumbai. The mandate to Outdoor Advertising Professionals was to offer high impact and high quality exposure thereby ensuring top-of-the-mind recall, which in turn required them to look for all formats of media that could be a clutter-breaker.


OAP targeted 23 types of media that comprised of 440 media units covering an outdoor space of approx 1,52,000 sq ft across 22 markets. The various media chosen are billboards, backlit walls, bus shelters, cantilevers, glass façades, flagpoles, gantries, glow cubes, king-long buses, metro signages, pole kiosks, subway panels, skywalks, standalones, malls, airport displays and so on.


Commenting about this OOH campaign James Varghese, Vice president OAP said: “Being a leader in technology, OAP implemented various tools and technology to ensure that an optimum campaign was planned. Every single detail of the campaign was backed by a technical explanation. We implemented iLAP – a research tool to zero-in on those locations where the target audience is more densely skewed. Each site was chosen based on its Panel Value. OAP has also been able to customize the outdoor plan with the help of Gallop Math Model which helped us foresee the reach and frequency that a particular plan can generate. Based on the results, we re-worked the plan so as to attain desirable reach and frequency of 52 per cent and 4 respectively.”


OAP’s commitment and understanding of the brand propositions in the previous campaign for South Africa Tourism in the 2011 helped in retaining the client for second year in a row for latest 2012 campaign.


OAP is the AOR (Agency on Record) for outdoor media planning and buying for many leading corporate advertisers inIndia. They are one of the top 5 companies in the industry. As a premiere outdoor specialist company they are at the forefront of bringing in new and scientific approach towards media planning.


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