Market research firm Majestic MRSS opens shop in India

09 Feb,2012

By A Correspondent


Realising the extensive scope that the discipline of marketing research could offer to its patrons in India, decade-old full service market research company Majestic MRSS has announced its foray into the country recently. The new venture seeks to capitalize on technologies around insights developed by Majestic MRSS and its partners in the US, Europe and Japan.


In India, the venture will be headed by Sarang Panchal who comes in as Chief Mentor and Principal advisor. Mr Panchal has more than two decades of experience in Market Research and has worked in P&G prior to his career with D&B, VNU and Nielsen.


On his responsibilities at the company, Mr Panchal said, “My primary role here would be to mentor the leadership team that we are putting in place. My extensive experience that I have gained in the field of research marketing would enable me to guide marketers on what will work for them and what to avoid. We expect the full team to be in place by the end of the month.”


Outlining the objectives of the company, Mr Panchal said “Our aim at MRSS in India would be to further leverage the use of technology to offer better and customized services. We will continue adding more innovative and strategic technologies as we become one of the leading players in India. We are pioneers in getting technology in the Asia-Pacific region, and are now ready to introduce them to India.”


Raj Sharma, Co-founder and President of Majestic MRSS said, “We believe Mr Panchal’s extensive knowledge around research, associations and active presence in the industry will bring instant recognition to MRSS India as a brand with global technological leadership and hyper-local understanding.”


When asked on how MRSS would differentiate from the other players in the space, Mr Panchal said, “We have leveraged technology in the field of market research in the areas of data collection and advertising / media research. Moreover we are ‘known’ for our high quality work in researching upscale and ‘difficult to contact’ target groups. This is what sets us apart.”


Adding further he said, “Currently MR agencies are considered to be data suppliers. We hope to change this perception and become partners of clients and enable them to grow their business in India and Asia Pacific. The industry may not change in perception unless larger players begin to offer truly-world class research in marketing and that is what we would excel to provide.”


Going forward, the goal for the company would be “to become the largest independent MR agency by the end of the decade,” affirmed Mr Panchal. Given the huge void of players in the space, it isn’t an impossible proposition, he feels.


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