Johnson Napier: Century @ MxM – Chalta hi jaaye…

01 Feb,2012

By Johnson Napier


It seems like yesterday; like I had just walked into this modest yet cosy office that had just about made its foray into the online world with a bang. The initial feelings that engulfed me while I stepped foot into the premises a couple of months ago was that of friendliness and familiarity. Familiarity, as I was making a headway back to the arena from where I had made an exit a few months ago, and friendliness as I was about to be joining a workplace where the employees were all known and familiar to me. From then on, the ride has been a challenging yet motivational one for all of us. It is not easy trying to be the best in a field where there are already established players but there is something about MxM India – apart from the clutter-breaking news and stories that it churns out everyday – that makes it a place worth existing.


Of the many different Media domains that one gets to read about on the website, there is a dedicated space for the PR industry – often the neglected lot – who finally have a voice and a channel to air their views on. From CEOs to business heads and even individual entrepreneurs, most have welcomed this new gesture by actively participating in the exercise by way of columns, interviews, news etc. Of course, there are the regular beats that update the viewers of the ongoing state of the industry but it is the effort in going the extra mile with attempts such as these (PR, Journalism, etc) that brings about a cheer amongst the industry at large.


As we complete a century, we hope to be making more noise around the work that we do and keep engaging the industry on a profound level so as to be the hub of providing resourceful and insightful opinions around the world of media.


Here’s to completing many more century days in the future!!!


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