Jaisurya Das: A stupendous start

01 Feb,2012

By Jaisurya Das


Yeah! We are a 100 days strong and boy hasn’t it been fun at DearMxm!


I recollect when we kicked off with the inaugural column we were almost certain we would be writing our own questions and it would take ages before our readers sought our advice…. Well, we were wrong and the very next week the response started coming in and soon we were battling on what to answer each week since most of our readers had multiple queries and each of them significant.


DearMxm also got popular thanks to the brief intro to each column which was Pradyuman’s idea and it has been a super journey covering the high and lows of the industry. The past 3  months have been so full of action, be it companies or people in them . Investments, launches, huge people movement, shake ups, collaborations or just analysis .


And through all these days we stayed glued on to the market to bring you the best snapshots of the action remaining true to our beliefs always . I feel particularly emotional since this column and idea itself means so much to our core belief that mentoring makes people.


Dream big, start visualizing yourself in that avatar and the world will turn around to give you all that you want from it . We have the power to do it and belief is the starting point!


For our readers today, I reproduce my personal selection of the “  5 best questions ” we have received and responded  from our archives.


Thank you dear readers for making us feel so warm, strong and cared for.  We do hope we will always live up to your expectations of us being there for you always….


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