Insiyah Rangwala: MxMIndia is here to stay and only to grow

01 Feb,2012

By Insiyah Rangwala


I had always known that when I do start working I would like it to be for a start-up. Something new and exciting that is still figuring itself and its identity out. Being a part of that process was something I was sure I wanted to look for in my first job. After having graduated and looking forward to getting starting in the real world is when I heard about MxM India. It catered to a niche audience that interested me but I had barely any knowledge about.


Finally after waiting for a while I had my first meeting with Mr. Pradyuman Maheshwari. I was nervous and excited to finally get started. It was a great conversation and I was immediately asked to start 3 days from then. When I got started at the office we were only 3 people. My first morning on my way to work I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be like as everyone was much older and experienced than me. I had questions running through my head such as what does one wear, what is okay to say what is not and how I should go about conducting myself.


I was very pleasantly surprised by how relaxed everything was and how helpful Mr. Pradyuman and Mr. Alok were. They were extremely willing to share their knowledge and experiences which I believe was the best way for me to have gotten started. Not knowing anything about how this industry works they were kind enough to sit me down break all the information down and explain to me how things would progress. That is when I realized just how important the clients we service are. Our readers as well as our advertisers. I spent a large amount of time on creating a database with all our prospective readers and getting in touch with people that would be interested in the content we wanted to provide.


Starting from there my job role expanded. We launched and it was a great experience being right at the heart of something that I believe is going to see a lot of success purely because of the innovation within the organization. Now we have expanded to a completely occupied office from where we were only 3 people on my first day. I can now say this with complete confidence that MxMIndia is here to stay and only to grow.


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