Hello and Welcome to MxM Radio!

10 Feb,2012

Hello and Welcome to MxMIndia’s exclusive ‘channel’ for Radio… FM, All India Radio, Community Radio, Internet Radio and whatever else is happening in the world of radio in India.


There have been various attempts to cover radio, but not being the most fashionable of media segments, it’s largely neglected. The reason is perhaps that there isn’t enough money backing the business.


As we completed five months of existence yesterday, we stepped back to our commitment of Day 1: cover media like no one else in the business. At MxMIndia, we are committed to support the ‘underdogs’ amongst the various media segments. So: journalism came first. Then PR and now Radio.


With Phase 3 set to take off soon and a maturing of minds – from amongst listeners and the players, we expect a lot of activity in radioland. MxMIndia has a dedicate resource to bring you a ringside view. Senior Correspondent Robin Thomas painstakingly covers radio like few others in the trade.


We do not hesitate to ask the tough questions and cover issues that some may find uncomfortable. For instance, should RJ mentions be considered as paid content.


So, behenon aur bhaioan, stay tuned in to MxM Radio. And do let us have your feedback.


Email Robin who is coordinating the channel. He can be reached at robint [at]mxmindia.com. And feel free to call any of us in the MxM team.




Pradyuman Maheshwari

Email: pradyumanm[at]mxmindia.com,

BBM: 23050B5D

Gtalk: pradyumanm[at]gmail.com,

Twitter: @pmahesh

Telephone: 98338 76278.


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