Gadgetsguru gets hyperactive, launches brand campaign

08 Feb,2012

By Archita Wagle


An eye-catching full page ad in the Times of India on Monday morning spoke of “Demo kahin bhi lijiye, shopping par hi kijiye”.


Asked why the big bang route, Arun Kapoor, said: “This is purely a branding ad. We are trying to increase our brand awareness.”


Mr Kapoor goes in depth about the strategy adopted, explaining the reason for coming up with an ad just now: “There is a lot of competition from other online portals. Every other portal will offer you Cash-on-Delivery, 30 days warranty and other sops. So we created a whole new funda. Instead of competing with the online industry, we decided to take the offline industry (the retailers and the wholesalers).”


While offering branded products to the customers, the online portals lose out due to the fact that the customer doesn’t get a demo of the products he may want to buy. Even when a person goes to buy an expensive item from a shop, s/he will  go to 10 different shops to find out about the best deal they can get. “A person buying products online can’t get a feel for the product he wants to buy. So we are telling him/her that they can go to a shop to get a demo of the product they have their eye on; but they should buy it from us as we give them the best deal they can get,” Mr Kapoor explained. was founded by Mr Kapoor in 2004. The website and the backend support was developed in-house. When asked about what was the reason for coming up with such ads now, Mr Kapoor said: “When we started in 2004, the first few years were not so great. The first year saw sales of just Rs1.25 lakhs. It didn’t make sense at that time to give out such full page ads. Now that we have established ourselves, we decided to increase our brand awareness. Also we have recently been affiliated with Brand Capital, Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd’s offering (earlier called ‘private treaties’. We have got a budget of Rs30 crore for the next three years thanks to the tie-up. So we decided to for it now.”


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube] is not just coming out with print ads, but have also launched TVCs which take a tongue-in-cheek look at “bahanas” that consumers give to avoid buying a product after they take a demo at the shop. The TVCs show a boy running out to avoid buying a tablet by telling the salesman that he is allergic to tablets; a man refusing to buy a refrigerator because the door faces south instead of east; and a woman running out of the shop on the pretext of testing the zoom on a digital camera. The voice-over at the end tells us “Demo kahin bhi lijiye, shopping par hi kijiye. Faayda aap hi ka hai.”


The TVCs were launched recently when the promos for the Zee Cine Awards  started to be aired. is the associate sponsor for Zee Cine Awards.


In fact, Mr Kapoor promises that radio and online ads will be launched in the next 15 days. When asked about what they would be talking about, Mr Kapoor refused to say anything.


Not only that, has launched a campaign on Facebook which promises the person coming up with the best bahana a chance to win a BlackBerry.


The creative mandate for’s ad campaign has been handled by   Manoj Motiani, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Thought Bubbles. Mr Motiani was formerly a creative director with O&M. “We decided to give the creative mandate to Thought Bubbles as Manoj Motiani is a good friend,” explained Mr Kapoor. is on a roll. After launching a branding campaign, they are now looking at providing services in countries such as Singapore, Malayasia, UAE andcUK. “We will be starting our services in Hong Kong,DubaiandSingaporein the next three months. We are looking at tie-ups with the major market players who have a reputation of expertise in electronics market. We will create a sub domain for that particular country so that people in that country and surrounding areas can buy from there. We have been getting a lot of orders from South-east Asian countries,” said Mr Kapoor.



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