DraftFCB+Ulka launches Asterii Analytics

23 Feb,2012

By A Correspondent


The DraftFCB+Ulka group has launched Asterii, an analytics company which is stated to continue the group’s endeavour to build capabilities and solutions that will create brand wealth for its clients.


Explaining the rationale of the launch, a release from the company said, “Today’s business environment is being reshaped by three distinct factors. The first factor is a rapid decline of exploitable market segments. Easy access to technology and global internet-driven communication systems means that any idea gets replicated in months, if not weeks. The market has millions of profitable niches but these are not visible using conventional marketing techniques. “The second factor is the high cost of launching new brands and variants and consequently the high cost of failure. A cluttered market environment compounds the problem.


“In such an environment marketers and businessmen are discovering that the time-tested method of intuition-based decision systems, albeit with a lot of process and information backups, is not yielding the desired results. In such an environment, there are several companies, which we call analytic organisations, which are competing on the basis of analytics and have built the entire organisation on a culture and process of data-driven decision systems. These companies increasingly are outperforming their peers in the marketplace “This shift has become possible because of a third factor which is the confluence of data and the computing power needed to manage and interpret that data.India, traditionally, has a paucity of good data and computing power was too expensive for the medium-sized business.


“But today, India is at a tipping point due to the rapid expansion in the retail and financial sectors and a huge amount of data being available to marketers, the IT and communications revolution would mean computing power on your desktop. These three factors are going to intensify a trend and a shift towards analytics-based decision-making, which would become the game changer for companies over the next ten years.”


Asterii is headquartered in Mumbai with Niteen Bhagwat as the executive director and CEO. The global analytics network has over 100 analysts within the DRAFTFCB network with key resources in Europe andUSA. Asterii has domain expertise across retail, automotive, financial services and packaged goods. The release said that Asterii, a coined word, is derived from the word Asterism which means seeing a pattern of stars in the sky and patterns, which give meaning to the billions of data points that any business has to interpret and decipher.


Asterii will draw on over 50 years of expertise in creating ‘brand wealth” and developing communication programmes and marketing strategies that are based on unique consumer insights. The company is unique among analytics companies in that it goes beyond techniques and tools to bring “insights” which are rooted in data and analytics and which will help create solutions that will have a predictable impact on the client’s brands and business.


Asterii, a specialist marketing analytics company, plans to support clients across the entire spectrum of marketing activities. It is supported by a global network of analysts in the DraftFCB ecosystem, giving its clients and business partners access to the global tool kit and best of breed technology solutions. The Asterii solutions toolkit will span the entire spectrum of marketing activities from the assessment phase to growth and maintenance strategies for a brand. The specific modules that Asterii Analytics offers are as follows:


  • Assessment Solutions

Robust tools to help clients evaluate and select markets, map competitive forces and thus help assign a value to the consumer opportunity. This will help create a macro view on the brand and also help develop go to market strategies.


  • Growth Solutions

Growth opportunities that emerge from being able to segment the market and do predictive modelling based on behaviour data or other unstructured data sources. Growth is about designing the right acquisition programme and by developing a robust testing and consumer response model. Growth is also dependent on the pricing decisions.


  • Relationship Management Solutions

Asterii believes in the adage that the best means of growth are from within and that meeting customer expectations and creating customer delight is far more valuable than acquiring new customers.


  • Monitoring & Optimisation solutions

Analytics also means that measuring and calibrating the performance of the marketing programme. With state of the art reporting platforms like the smart wall and the social news room data and information becomes easily interpretable insight.


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  1. Good news for the Indian market. Huge market waiting to be developed/tapped.