Debrief: 7UP: A downer

14 Feb,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Well, summer’s still to arrive but the cold drinks marketers are already in action mode. 7UP has a new commercial on air, and this one features brand ambassador Sharman Joshi and a penguin.


The idea is about always feeling ‘UP’ in life (Not to be confused with Uttar Pradesh!). And this idea tenuously ties in with the brand name. Always up, never down, so to speak. Joshi inspires a penguin to dance along with him, and their ‘jugalbandi’ is pretty much all that the ad has to offer. And it all leaves you cold and confused in the end. Let me explain.


I think they should have single-mindedly stuck to the penguin as the core idea. It’s cute, cuddly and cool. Stories could have been written around 7UP and the penguin.


There was no need for the Bollywood actor; he takes away from the commercial.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Two, their dance is totally unexciting and the very ordinary jingle doesn’t help matters. Poor execution of the ‘feeling UP’ idea. Three, for some strange reason, another unrelated brand, Nimbooz, has been shoved into the commercial and this causes dissonance. Where was the need for that?


Opportunitylost. Penguin wasted. Methinks some super cool ads can be created around feeling alive in life, and not letting bad things come in the way. In fact, last year’s ‘Gussa Hatao, Chill Machao’ ad had more jaan to it. They may as well have continued with it.


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 1. Leaves you frozen.

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