Dainik Bhaskar asks voters to select the right candidate in Punjab

06 Feb,2012

By A Correspondent


The state of Punjab went for polls just after the nation-wide public uprising against corruption. The whole nation was reeling under wide spread mismanagement and corruption, and it had provoked the citizens to rethink and hard.


Elections are the most important part of democracies and societies in transition and the Punjab elections were an ideal platform for the people of Punjab to set tone for rest of the country, to rise and choose the right candidate, who would truly work in the interest of the public.


Keeping in view the kind of awareness as well as apathy among voters, Dainik Bhaskar took an unique approach – Sahi Ko Chuno.


Dainik Bhaskar, as India’s largest newspaper, felt that it was their responsibility to create the awareness among people, and to remind them that if they really wanted to eradicate corruption, and improve the overall system, they could not do it just by holding protests and picking up anti-corruption placards! If people really wanted their representatives to work for their benefits, to create policies and laws that were pro-public, they would have to choose their political representative with much thought. Sahi Ko Chuno (choose the right candidate) was Dainik Bhaskar’s call to the readers.


The “Sahi ko Chuno” campaign did not align with any political party. It was a truly citizen agenda. It just provided platform for common public to voice their views and express themselves.


On November 22, 2011, Dainik Bhaskar’s editorial team announced the start of campaign ‘Sahi Ko Chuno’ across all its editions in Punjab. This created high awareness and buzz on why was it important for voters to “Choose the right candidate”.


A special initiative, “Yuva Sansad”, was organized in colleges and universities acrossPunjab, to catalyze productive discussions amongst youth on the prevailing political scenario and to educate them of the need to choose the right candidate.


Public’s opinion on what is an “Ideal Candidate” was initiated in 32 cities of Punjab. The ground survey was completed in 26 days. Results of the survey were announced in Dainik Bhaskar on January 2. More than 85 per cent of voters inPunjabhad expressed their views that while voting they would be given due weightage to the “candidate” instead of “party”.


The ‘Sahi ko Chuno’ campaign set a tone in Punjab, creating high awareness on need to choose the right candidate, as a right candidate would represent them in future as well as playing a significant role in policy making for the betterment of Punjab and its people.


The campaign also used cable, FM, print promo ads as well as outdoor media including gates, standees, banners, posters in major touch points across 32 cities of Punjab.


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