Archita Wagle: A force to reckon with

01 Feb,2012

By Archita Wagle


Before I joined MxM, I worked with a newspaper as a senior sub-editor for more than four years. I wanted a change, I wanted to write. MxM offered me a chance. Yes, it was a newly launched company, but when I was invited to be a part of the “founding team”, I decided to take a chance.


For someone who has spent four years editing ‘journalistic’ copies ( that’s my term) and living with the journalistic timings (we ‘subs’ work in the evening and sleep in the morning) to adapt to the style and timings here (I report to work at 7.30 am most mornings) was intimidating. But I was always encouraged to learn and adapt, I was never yelled at for my mistakes, instead they were explained to me. And alongside my editing duties, I was given stories. My first story went as a BIG story. That was the day I was convinced that maybe I will not fail in this, after all.


Ask any sub, we are the most under-appreciated lot. The people who read the newspaper always read the stories under the reporters’ byline. They never know the hard work that is put in by a sub to clean up a reporter’s copy, to make it an interesting read which will hold the reader’s attention – right from the headline to the last word in the copy.


Therefore if I was asked to name one instance in these 100 days (I have been a part of MxM for less than 60 days till now) that I cherish the most, it would be the day I saw my name up on the website: Archita Wagle – Chief sub editor, acknowledging my contribution to the website.


We are still growing… a lot of people aren’t aware of who or what we are. As we complete 100 days, I wish that soon we become a force to reckon with.


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