Anil Thakraney: The hundred that beat Sachin

01 Feb,2012

By Anil Thakraney


MxMIndia just completed 100 days. And while hard core cricket fans may not be very pleased to hear this, the hot new media and marketing portal beat Sachin Tendulkar to that Big 100. Congratulations!


I must say it’s been a pleasure to be associated with the portal as Editor-at-Large. Which means that while I regularly contribute articles and interact with the chief editor now and then, I am essentially busy ‘making it large’ elsewhere. Usually at a pub. And this neat arrangement suits me perfectly. My mischievous work doesn’t come back to haunt me, it’s the chief editor who’s left facing the heat from aggrieved parties.


Younger readers may not be aware of this… I used to edit an ad and media mag between 1996 and 2002. It’s been a long while since that brand shut down, but I have noticed that one thing hasn’t really changed in all these years: Many advertising, media and marketing professionals still do not like to hear criticism, and take offence pretty quickly. I suppose this is because of the ‘safe’ trade press, which has consistently spoilt the industry leaders by being all sugar and honey. And so when along comes a strong critique, it becomes difficult to digest.


To all those reading in, I have just one thing to say on this issue: Puff pieces and PR re-prints are great for the ego, but for real impact, some bitter medicine is actually a good thing. Criticism makes us ponder after the anger has subsided. Appreciation quickly passes away over a peg of Scotch, it leads to no change. Therefore it’s important to take negative feedback on the chin, and treat it as valuable input. By the way, I often get trashed for my comments from readers, and I welcome that.


Which then brings me to the founder/chief editor of MxMIndia, Pradyuman Maheshwari. I have known PM (as many of us address him) from a long way back as a colleague at Mid Day. But our association actually began when he signed up as Editor-in-Chief at exchange4media, and it has continued at this portal. And I must say I admire PM’s clear focus. For him, content and ethics unhesitatingly take precedence over commerce, and he runs an unbiased, truly professional ship. He’s that rare breed of editors in that sense, and a blessing for venom-spewing scorpions like yours truly. For the record, not even once have I been asked to plug for an advertiser. Not even once have I been asked to dilute a piece.


All said, here’s wishing more power to MxMIndia. The industry deserves and badly needs a medium that doesn’t shy away from discussing tough issues. And one that always keeps the industry’s best interests in mind. Here’s to many more centuries. And hopefully, Sachin will score his 100 before MxMIndia’s next ton.


So you enjoy this portal, while I am off to make it large. Cheers!


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