Anchor: 5 reasons why one must go for Goafest

14 Feb,2012

By Vishakha Singh


Companies and people will very soon start talking about the Goa Fest, some media channels are already doing stories telling us what to expect, the controversies and so on. As usual some veterans will ask: “It is the same set of faces, same people, then why this Goa Fest Ji?” And I would reply with a ‘why not?’, after all, it is the only big way of celebrating being in a fun and energy-filled industry.


Here are my five fabulous ‘Fs’ why you should consider going to theGoafest. (Or otherwise)


5. Feel fresher, Feel younger

When was the last time you did the rain dance? Wait, you just thought you are too old for it? Hah, so am I, and I’m itching to be forty. But that said, I love to watch people on the rain dance floor as I only feel younger. And that’s not the only reason, there is much more energy around in the air to make you feel young in your mind. Age doesn’t matter and will not matter for a while, if you attend Goafest!


4. Fast Forward

It’s not about celebrating what was good last year; it is more about trends that are emerging. Whoever says whatever; there is a lot to hear. Hear from both national and international minds who give a peek-a-boo in the future. Every year, without fail, the lineup is worth spending a few hours in the air-conditioned hangars. If you fall asleep, you get to recharge yourself, if you stay awake and stay alert; you are in a fast-forward world in a very different way.


3. Facebooking

Not the Mark Zuckerberg one, but more on face-to-face booking. Yes, Goa Fest is one helluva of social networking opportunity – colleagues, ex-colleagues, new flames, old flames, clients, agencies… there is not a moment you’ll be left alone, even if you wish for it! This is the best time of the year to get your own dose of social networking and that too right at the beginning of the financial year. So pick your choice and spend the year in that company. The company that you keep is what matters, make your choice here!


2. Fire Fighting

Not too many people will talk about this, but Goafest is the perfect furnace to make you a fighter. Year after year, organizers choose such dates that you will come out a fighter at the end of it. If you can beat the heat, you are an accomplished fighter, and would end up winning all deadlines!


1. Fine tuning

Um, this is quite secretive. This is not loud. This is absolutely to one’s self. With the amount of work displayed and the creativity in the air, you fine tune your mind, your thoughts, ideas, and keep it hidden – sometimes consciously and many times sub-consciously. This is the best gift that you could give yourself. Of being observant. Of people. Places. Work. Conversations. Of your own self!


If you are convinced of these five fundas (or have some of your own), you must convince at least one more person. Preferably, your client, your agency, your people. See you at Goafest!


Vishakha Singh is Executive Director, A Comms

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