Alok Kapuria: Thank you, dear advertiser

01 Feb,2012

By Alok Kapuria


It’s been an exhilarating journey so far. When I first heard about the proposition of MxMIndia, it was just a concept. Even the name wasn’t finalised. So, as I look back at the baby steps we took to get this far, there is a great sense of accomplishment.


Almost everything in a start-up can be a challenge. From something as critical as the broadband connectivity snapping to working without any office help for over two months. And then, of course, revenue targets which look very easy-to-achieve when you see them on a spreadsheet.


While I was confident of the product, I was not sure how the industry would take it. Ethics and such sound very good, but the reality at the ground level is different. Or so I thought. But with a strict code of ethics leaving one with no opportunity to compromise on editorial values, I think my job has been made simpler. It is vital for trade publications to engage people in the industry, but not at the cost of selling one’s soul.


As someone who moved to Mumbai, starry eyed and with a desire to make it big, I know how significant a milestone a hundred days is. I am happy that I am part of this one.


I thank our advertisers for trusting us from Day 1 and giving us their business support. Many friends in the industry share that our content offers them a different experience and helps them be better informed. It will be our endeavour to bring innovative properties in which our advertisers see ROI and our readers sees value. I would say the journey has just begun.


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