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13 Feb,2012

Sandeep Bomble, Founder, Palasa


1. Name of the Campaign: Ghost Campaign


2. The Brief: To promote an exclusive weight loss package by Iosis Medispa


3. Research insights:

Everyone today wants to feel good about himself/herself. Keeping this notion in our minds, we came up with a strategy of doing away with the “ghost” lurking inside. This “ghost” is the fat in our bodies that causes the feel good factor to diminish, and eventually, take a back seat.


Excess of fat in the body causes obesity, leading to many other ailments such as high cholesterol, diabetes, lethargy, cardio vascular attacks and so on.


Apart from the physical harm fat causes, it also attacks you mentally. An overweight person will feel low, left out and in many cases will also have a severe inferiority complex. Having friends and peers with slim bodies around will only make it worse.


4. The thought process behind the creative:

Understanding the insight of how obesity affects one’s life, we realized there is a huge opportunity for making the audience aware about the evils of obesity and provide them the right solutions against it.


As the insight was strong enough to put across a strong message, we visualized obesity and treated it as evil. The evil that is set free making the man/woman feel happier and lighter with a range of slimming packages from Iosis Medispa.


5. Media vehicles chosen:

The leading media was Print, which was supported by Outdoor and the distribution of leaflets in the local vicinity. To make it interactive, the campaign was backed by innovations like the ‘ghost’ stickers pasted on the mirrors of multiplex washrooms, instigating the audience to consider their fitness.


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

The campaign was built around the insight that obesity is the root cause for some of hazardous evils trapped within the human body. The evil obese figure emerging out of the slimmer man/woman adds enough drama that would act as an immediate hook for the audience. The settings were easy going in nature, expressing that it’s not only about looking good; but feeling good inside. The clutter breaking communication minus vague promises and loud claims, effectively stirred up the message of ‘set free to healthy living’ in a distinctive yet effective way.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

The ad is interestingly dramatized by showing obesity in an evil light, treating it as a ghost. It talks about getting rid of the excessive fat from your body, leaving you happier and lighter from within. The woman and man in the ad were shown in a composed and relaxed state with toned, healthy figure. The personified ghost acts as the bad unwanted fat that has a feel good factor to it once disposed. The ad achieved the desired response as it was different from the usual ‘before and after weight loss ads’, thus, breaking the market clutter to good effect.


8. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

The dramatic execution came out as a refreshing change from the regular ‘Before and After’ slimming ads. The communication set a different tone within the industry, opening up the thinking verses the mundane pre and post differences in the figure. The idea and the expression proved interesting enough to stand apart from the rest.


9. Market and client feedback:

This ad received an optimistic review across the market span. It was well understood, across classes, as a clutter breaking ad. The market audience was already weary watching the same clichéd ‘before and after weight loss’ ads done by the competitors. So, the ‘ghost ads’ came out as fresh interesting breeze amongst the muddled space, elevating the brand value.With the ad covering a number of media across, the brand presence was visibly felt.


Walk-in targets exceeded along with increase in phone calls and queries after the launch of the campaign. The client felt confident about the positive air envelope the brand, Iosis.


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