5 print media innovations one would like to see

21 Feb,2012

By A N Chorrea


01. Credibility: A newspaper that’s credible. In the good ol’ days, one would say ”we read it in the papers”. Now can you?


02. Feel-goodness. More good news. The best thing we like about the channel NewsX (among other things) is  its programme airing feel-good news. It’s sad that we need to call it that, but there’s so much of bad khabar all around.


03. Competitor-friendly: Can we have newspapers cover the activities and good things that competitors are doing. The women’s marathon from DNA is a brilliant concept. But will you ever read it in Times of India or HT?


04. Support small biggies: There’s news that the Dainik Jagran group is gobbling up Nai Dunia. Earlier it acquired Mid-Day. Sad to see the regional biggies selling out. Hey, advertisers and readers, please support the small, big guys. We need more voices.


05. Talent hunt: Better talent working and writing in newspapers. Every mass comm student wants to be Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai. And wants to whip politicians like Arnab Goswami does. Sob sob, but few want to be the next Newspaper or Mag X editor (except of course if the magazine is Maxim :-). Can the printwallahs attract talent? They must!


A N Chorrea (ANCHOR-rea) is a senior media professional who wants to hide under the veil of a pseudonym


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