Typically quirky, Mudra ‘welcomes’ Bobby Pawar to JWT

12 Jan,2012

By Shubhangi Mehta


Mudra showed that it is an agency with a big heart as well as an extraordinary creative bank, demonstrating both innovation and affection in its farewell to Bobby Pawar. In a billboard that has been put up right next to JWT, where Mr Pawar has taken charge of his new responsibilities, Mudra said “Mudra welcomes Bobby Pawar to JWT”.


The billboard came as a shock to some and a pleasant surprise to some but it undoubtedly managed to catch everyone’s eyes.


Pratap Bose
Bobby Pawar

Pratap Bose, COO, Mudra Communications, said, “Tuesday evening was Bobby’s farewell. The whole idea was to show Bobby how special he is for us. It’s a gesture to show that the fact that Bobby remains in advertising is good news for the creative industry.”


A generous gesture like this makes one feel proud to be a part of an industry where relationships can be warm as well as professional.


On the gesture by Mudra, Bobby Pawar, CCO and Managing Partner, JWT, said, “Both the agencies (Mudra and JWT) really touched me with the welcome I received. It feels great to get such a warm greet. My first day at JWT was spent knowing people and understanding the brands. Hope the fun and enthusiasm continues.”


The way Mudra has wished luck to Bobby for his new innings will sure be remembered by the industry in a very special way. One hopes there are more such instances where people feel proud to be a part of such an industry.


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