The Anchor: Vipin Dhyani on the 5 films he wishes he had directed

18 Jan,2012

By Vipin Dhyani


I don’t smoke, I don’t booze, and movies are my only poison. I am quite callous in my selection for a film. I don’t watch a film twice even if I like it to the core. I believe a good film must have the ability to leave that mark in my mind; otherwise it’s a waste of time. And while judging, I believe a film should have either a unique storyline or a powerful narrative or a moderate direction, or a mix bag of all.


Though my list of must-watch movies is endless, here are some of the finest ones:


#1 Kolya (Czech)

This won academy awards in 1996 for best foreign film. The film is about a small kid named Kolya and his innocence transforming an aimless old man. The kid is forced to live with the protagonist, and ironically they don’t speak the same language. One speaks Czech and the other Russian. The storyline, the fabric of the film is very simple but the way it’s been portrayed is awesome. It’s sensitive and very languid, but heart-wrenching in the end. I saw ti in ’97, but it seems really fresh in my mind. Directed by Jan Sverak, loved by all.


#2 13 Tzameti (French)

You wouldn’t like a phone call or a person disturbing you while watching this dramatic crime thriller written and directed by Gela Babluani. It gripped me well and left with a hangover. The story is about a naïve man who finds an invitation meant for somebody else. His quest and curiosity makes him an unfortunate 13th player in a game of death. The best part is that it is based on true events of a survivor of the actual game. If you are not watching it on a pirated DVD, you can treat yourself with the bonus feature real interview of the survivor of this notorious underground game from Europe.

It’s a 2006 film but intentionally treated in black and white. It is stark, honest, bold, very real and enigmatic.


#3 Love Me If You Dare (French)

‘Unthinkable’ is the word to describe this mad roller coaster rom com, written and directed by Yann Samuell. The storyline is simply unique. Our protagonist couple are childhood friends and all they do is play an odd game to challenge each other for daring and outrageous stunts. And they continue to do this even when they become adults. Very intriguingly, the fact gets unfolded that their game is nothing but a device to hide the truth that they are truly meant for each another. It is the maddest film I have ever seen, I can say.

It bends all the rules of a romantic film, it boasts more energy and wicked humour than mushy moments. It’s worth watching even if you don’t like romantic movies.


#4 Swindled (Spanish)

It’s a con drama written and directed by Miguel Bardem, a fantastically woven plot to swindle a hefty sum by a group of conmen. The narrative is engagingly beautiful, and the plot is flawless. Unlike regular Hollywood con dramas, protagonist here has a very calm and down-to-earth approach to his schemes and execution. That makes him a lovable and believable character in the film. The fabrication is of the real, ‘I know these guys’ type. Most of the ideas leave even the audience outguessed, and that’s the real beauty.


#5 Scoop (English)

It’s a hilarious comedy with elements of fantasy and mystery, written and directed by master craftsman Woody Allen. Scarlett Johansson as a journalist student looking out for a scoop about an aristocrat who is a suspected serial killer. She gets the signal about his moves from a dead journalist (played by Woody himself). If you are a Woody Allen fan, you will get everything from him in this movie. The surrealism, the wisecracks, his monologues, the dark comedy and real insights. A film like this can be enjoyed more with friends. Worth giving a shot!


Vipin Dhyani is Founder & Chief Creative Director, Thoughtshop Advertising & Film Productions Pvt Ltd.


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