The Anchor: 6 mantras for starting a magazine

20 Jan,2012

By Shivani Darshan


#1 Homework. Always understand who your consumers are; more important, who your competitors are. A good, in-depth understanding of the market will allow you to create a solution for the end users.


#2 Eye on Money. Many businesses fail because they forget to focus on the revenue stream. Great paper, great pictures and articles account for nothing if you do not have advertisers and subscribers. Keep your focus and energies targeted on the money.


#3 Supplier Management. Always keep your suppliers, vendors, contributors on check and keep a good backup at all times. Many startups fail to have backup writers and printers, and end up being blackmailed by a few good ones. Do your homework and always keep options open.


#4 Money Management. Most startups fail to keep cash flow in check. Negotiating credit period and collecting money on time are some of the most difficult things to do when you start something new. Master this and you are ready to do business.


#5 Future Planning. One of the biggest needs in today’s environment is to keep the future in mind. If you are launching a magazine you should also plan an ezine (e-magazine). After all the future is e-publishing and not paper publishing. The market is changing and today’s businesses need to be dynamic and ready for change.


#6 Have Fun. Most people work so hard that they forget to have fun. It’s no use launching a new business if you are not going to enjoy doing it. Have a fun-filled atmosphere in your office. Always remember, a happy team is a productive team.


Shivani Darshan is the Managing Director at Boutique Publishing India Pvt Ltd.


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2 responses to “The Anchor: 6 mantras for starting a magazine”

  1. Jansari Photog says:

    All that gyan from someone who’s magazine went off the print… 🙂

    God save the reader!

  2. Manisha Kukereja says:


    Love the Have fun bit everyone needs to be doing that with everything that their doing.