The Anchor: 6 things an agency must keep in mind when pitching for a brand

11 Jan,2012

By Mahesh Chauhan


#1 Individual(s): You do not pitch for a business! You pitch to win over an individual or a group of individuals. How much we know about them is as important as how much we know about their business.


#2 Pitch presentation: Nothing, not even #1 will help you if you do not understand and deliver well on the brief. Read the briefing doc till every word is understood. And every delivery point covered.


#3 Time-planning: Drawing up a daily plan leading up to the pitch presentation. It has to be exhaustive, inclusive and clearly assign responsibilities. Also adhered to religiously. Remember how during exams, we used to do ‘dil kada kijiye aur panna palatiye’. So if you are not ready to meet a deadline, so be it. Don’t kill the deadline!


#4 The presentation: No democracy. Only as many people as required. Let the best presenter present. Let the best dancer select his best act and his accomplices. Devotees might kill me but Bob Dylan’s lyrics were the music to our ears, not his singing.


#5 Till the fat lady sings: Most of us think the process gets over once the PPT is done. Well, it only gets started then. If you haven’t done well, seek ways to redress. If you have done well, kill it! As we all know, cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, commentary and Shastri excluded!


#6 Most importantly, it is not about coming first in class. It’s about being the best and the most loved in the batch!


Mahesh Chauhan is co-founder of Salt Brand Solutions.



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One response to “The Anchor: 6 things an agency must keep in mind when pitching for a brand”

  1. Rajiv Singh says:

    Well said Mahesh. You would turn out to be a great teacher. Do you train people by the way. A student is waiting. Rajiv

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