The Anchor: 6 tips to be productive working out of home

05 Jan,2012

Freelancing or working from home can be pretty tough and often not productive enough. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense in investing in office space and infrastructure if your work doesn’t involve the need for a full fledged office… especially in the media space.


Here are 6 tips on how to make the most of it and get good work done in the comfort of your home.


1. Make a clear schedule with work hours and rest/ household chores times set in advance

Most often the issue is that one doesn’t delineate time bands for all this and eventually it’s all rolled into one. This is the most important step, hence if it’s 10am-12noon for work in the first half, then only work happens, no matter what…


2. Learn to concentrate and make the quietest space your work place

Let not the home phone, the door bell  and so on intrude into your work time, whatever be the time you have allocated . Keep yourself armed with what you need before your start, even if it’s that flask for your coffee. This seems flippant but each time you get up to make a cup, you might just end up involving yourself in other stuff.


3. Do not overload yourself and make everything around you a priority!

The common problem with most of us is that even before we realize it, everything is a priority on the list!  Take what you can handle in a given time frame, given your flexible schedule. Personal work must be slotted on a separate list so that it doesn’t clash with your work list. Don’t forget, time management is in your hands and hence you can slot it accordingly.


4. Discuss your schedule with the family /housemates

Unless you make it clear that this is what you have planned, there will always be a thin dividing line. It’s important for the others to understand that you work from home but it’s just the same as working from office. The difference being that you monitor yourself and hence it’s actually tougher! They will come to terms with it and, without doubt, support your plan of action.


5. Avoid distractions, even if you think you can manage

Would you have the TV or Radio on while you work at office? If not, then don’t bring them near you, when you are working from home. It’s easy to say it’s a non-intrusive medium, but the fact remains, it’s not always easy to concentrate while listening to a RJ butting in every few minutes, just when you are working at your best.


6. Time is money and your work space is sacred

Not an old school thought. A reality. One needs to understand that your work takes time and effort and the sacred space, since it brings you the satisfaction of seeing your efforts pay off. Hence do not take the liberty of lying in bed and typing on your laptop when at work. Sit at a table and work just like you would at your office. No to quick beers, or a smoke too many either. It’s your office, remember!


Jaisurya Das is Director & Chief Mentor, Xanadu Consulting Group Pvt Ltd. He is Contributing Editor, MxMIndia and mentors readers @ DearMxM.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tips! Making a clear schedule and sticking to it I think is crucial when working at home. And avoiding distractions is so tough sometimes… I get distracted so easily!

    Applied Workplace

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