The Anchor: 8 reasons why marketers must not fret over the Indian cricket team’s dismal performance down under

17 Jan,2012

By Hemant Kenkre


1. Brand Cricket will always rule the roost over all other sports:

Yes, the intelligentsia will always be (rightly) talking about promoting sports like F1, EPL, Tennis, Marathon, Badminton etc, but the aam janta (read consumers) will always go gaga when MS Dhoni plays the ‘Helicopter’ shot.


2. All izz always forgiven:

The history of Indian cricket’s performance abroad will show you that all is always forgiven: 1959, 1974 and 2011 – badly mauled by England. Bruised by the Aussies in 1999/2000. Did not qualify for the ICC World Cup knockout in the West Indies in 2007 and more. None had a major impact on the followers of game which continues to thrive.


3. Brand Tendulkar rocks:

As long as Brand Tendulkar continues to deliver, Indian cricket is in safe hands. His tearful tribute to his late father after smashing a hundred in the ICC World Cup in England (1999) or the many centuries scored by the master when India has lost a series is testimony that people don’t care about the result as long as he is around and delivering.


4. Unveiling of the new poster boys:

After Virat Kohli, more poster boys will follow; Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma  and so on. They will be groomed, manicured and made to look like studs. All ready to be unveiled like new products for the masses to lap up!


5. Apne maidan mein khelenge:

India’s next Test series abroad is when they tour Sri Lanka in July 2012, Zimbabwe in July 2013 and take on the big bad wolf, South Africa in November 2013. Till then one can be assured of TRP ratings going northwards with the average Indian watching carrom balls, upper-cuts and helicopter shots played against all comers on the flat batting tracks in India.


6. Maja, masti aur IPL:

Just wait till April and the IPL. Once it starts, the disappointments will ‘poof’ into thin air and the aam janta will enjoy the traditional trumpet call, cheerleaders as well as the pyrotechniques of the T20 Dadas.


7. Public memory is too short:

Bhool Gaya Sab Kuch, Yaad Nahi Ab Kuch: Very Very Special will be dropped (or forced to retire), there will be heated discussions on primetime news channels about Dravid, Sehwag, et al. The bottomline is, like all the other scams and glitches, the consumer (read aam janta) will not even remember the bloodbath at Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in a matter of few weeks.


8. Kursi badal:

The eternal optimist in me still believes that India can turn the tables on the Aussies in the forthcoming One Day series. Please do not forget that in the last series that India played in Australia in 2008, India lost the Test series (Monkeygate etc.) but won the CB (One-day) championship. Time to switch the chair? As I said, all will be forgiven!


Hemant Kenkre is a former first class cricketer, a commentator on radio and in print and a communications/PR specialist. Amongst others, he also consults with Hanmer MSL.


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