6 reasons why wall graffiti advertising attracts brands

24 Jan,2012

By Mihir Mody


#1 Wall advertising is cost-effective

These campaigns act like small billboards, which are comparatively cheaper than hoardings and give distinct visibility in any part of India. It is a cost-effective method of communicating with the people.


#2 Shapes, sizes and more…

Brands get a variety of options to reach out to consumers. Wall paints can be done in any shape and size and at any location according to the target audience.


#3 Effective media

It is the most effective media in reaching masses – it reaches the small town as well as interior villages across the country. For example, if a firm has a Rs 20 lakh budget, it can cover any state deeply.


#4 Different strokes, different flavours

Painting in regional languages with good innovation can create high brand awareness among the local population. It is easy for people to connect with that brand which creates a brand image with a local touch.


#5 Wall paintings have rural reach

There are a number of brands which target semi-urban and rural audiences. For them wall painting is an excellent way of reaching these audiences en masse. They can reach out to nearly 75 percent of the rural audience. Wall paintings create a better impact through good visuals as they target uneducated people across the country.


#6 Longer shelf life

Wall paintings have a longer shelf life as compared to other media. They can give distinct visibility for a longer period of time which other media fail to do. A TV commercial, for example, has a shorter span of time – a few seconds – while on the other hand print media (newspapers) have a short span too, of one day.


Mihir Mody is Founder and CEO, Adwallz.


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