The Anchor: 5 tips on how you too can run the marathon

16 Jan,2012

Every time Bharat Kapadia talks of his training for the marathon, there’s a sense of hopelessness in me on how a man of his stature (and he is indeed a man of several parts) and at his young age is so passionate about running the marathon (or the half-marathon, as he corrects) and here I can barely run a few hundred yards. Yesterday, I asked him about the time he took at the 2012 edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, and he said it was 2.19 hours. That’s commendable. And guess what did he do after the marathon effort? No, not soak himself in beer or go in for a foot reflex. He got into his music class, perhaps planning the recording of his next single.


Bharatbhai is not the only mediaperson in the act. I was quite impressed that Paritosh Joshi was tweeting away as he was running yesterday. On behalf of the MxMIndia team and I guess the entire fraternity and from myself, to all those who took to the roads yesterday, a hundred thousand salaams!


My colleague and deputy editor Tuhina Anand spoke to Bharat Kapadia asking him for tips on running the marathon. Here goes:


By Bharat Kapadia


#1 Mindset: While getting ready for a marathon, 75 per cent of the preparation has to do with the mindset. The mind will play games and you might think that running is not your cup of tea. But if you resolve to run and decide to complete the marathon, then there is no looking back. At 59, I can run the half marathon (21 km) but when I started, I could not even run for 500 meters, so it is all to do with the mindset.


#2 Fitness: Once your mind is made up, then fitness comes into play. You need to look at a diet that will give you power and endurance. Protein and carbohydrates are a must in a diet when you are running long distance. You have to also ensure that your body remains hydrated as there is a strong possibility of dehydration due to loss of water and salt while running. Practise consuming at least three litres of water.


#3 Training:  For first-timers, I would advise getting professional training, as it will help you in understanding how to run long distance as well as build endurance. Running a marathon is not just about getting up one day and saying that you will participate. A lot goes into it and the warm up and stretching sessions are as important as the actual running. This is where professional help comes in handy.


#4 Routine: One has to adhere to a routine while preparing for the big day. Practice is a must, hence you have to dedicate some time in your busy schedule to get ready for the marathon.


#5 Register on time: The registration for marathon begins much in advance and if you miss that, you will miss the opportunity to run. In that case all the practice will be for naught; hence keeping an eye for the registration date is a must.


Veteran mediaperson Bharat Kapadia is chairman of Whatuwant Solutions.


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