The Anchor: 5 reasons online radio will grow in India

27 Jan,2012

By Prashant Panday


#1 Variety in Music Programming

As internet radio grows it will offer much more variety in music programming. The internet is the future of everything, and radio happens to be part of it. Radio is currently hamstrung by the music royalty license issue, but we hope that it will get sorted out soon. Once that happens, all Indian radio stations will be available online.


#2 No Geographical Boundaries

Geographical boundaries that exist today will be demolished. What will happen is that a listener in Mumbai will be able to hear a Delhi radio station and vice- versa, or a New York station in Mumbai etc.


#3 Higher Interactivity

There will be far higher interactivity. For example, if I like a song, I will be able to download it instantaneously. In fact, download speed will further increase as 4G services will be available; and as broadband internet penetration increases, it will bring more users on board.


#4 It Will be Wonderful for Artists

As online radio grows strong it will help artists make a mark in the music industry merely on the back of great content; whereas today, a whole lot of marketing support is required.


#5 New Challenges and New Opportunities

For broadcasters it will bring new challenges because there will be much more competition, it will also offer new opportunities because then the whole world will be our oyster.


Prashant Panday is CEO, Radio Mirchi.


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One response to “The Anchor: 5 reasons online radio will grow in India”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It surely will. I’m hooked onto online radio from the last 12 years. Mostly BBC Radio 1,2,3,4, 4 EXtra 5 & Flower Power Radio.

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