The Anchor: 4 reasons South India needs its own special interest mags

12 Jan,2012

By Bina Sujit


India is such a diverse nation and every region has its own unique characteristic. It is therefore, very difficult to cater to the sensibilities of everyone through a common magazine. There would certainly be a large segment of people who would tend to get neglected in this case. Hence a region-specific, special interest magazine is the answer to fill the gap. Our research before the launch of our magazine JFW (Just for Women), targeted at the women in South India, showed that there was a need to focus on women out here, and the success of our magazine just goes to prove that finding.


The advertisers’ needs also vary from region to region and they would probably need to position/focus various products in different states /regions. That is why brands also have different brand ambassadors at the national and regional levels (for example, if it is Shahrukh for the national campaign then it is Suriya and Mahesh Babu at the regional level for a particular brand). Hence the availability of a regional medium of communication helps companies to communicate their region-specific brand message.


Just like our country, personalities are also very varied in various fields. Speaking from JFW’s point of view, women from South India have been making a big mark in the national and international arena. A dedicated magazine for these women ensures that such achievers are given the focus and recognition they deserve.


The outlook of people across different regions also varies in our country. This results in differing tastes and preferences in what people in South India would want to read and how they would like it to be visualised. Again, a region-specific magazine is the answer to cater to the preference of readers.


Bina Sujit is the Director & Editor-in-Chief, JFW, CLub Class & A la Carte at Options Media Pvt Ltd.


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One response to “The Anchor: 4 reasons South India needs its own special interest mags”

  1. Rajesh Uderani says:

    Very well said.
    India is completely diverse and needs to be catered to regionally along with being catered to as a whole.

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