Case Study: Suzlon – Breathe easy, p.a.l.s.

13 Jan,2012

Dharini Mishra, Global Head for Brand – Suzlon Group.


Title of the campaign: p.a.l.s. (Pure Air Lovers Society)


Company: Suzlon


Background: Suzlon has been synonymous with wind energy in India. But the company’s corporate philosophy goes way beyond just making wind turbines. Keeping Suzlon’s philosophy of pursuing sustainable development for the planet in the social, economic and ecological sphere, we realized that there was a need to widen Suzlon’s appeal from just their business stakeholders to the general masses, to take their philosophy forward.


Aims and Objectives:

To create a platform for awareness around the issue of air pollution.


To create an active community of like‐minded people who love pure air, hate pollution, are willing to take steps in their day to day lives and make right choices that will improve the quality of air around them.


Challenges and Impediments:

There was a need to cause the shift in the brand from being just known as India’s first wind turbine company striving for sustainable development to known for things that people care about. The challenge was to get a wind turbine company to relate to a college going student, a housewife or a working executive and connect with them emotionally.


In Action:

We decided to launch a campaign called p.a.l.s. or the ‘Pure Air Lovers Society’ to create a platform to bring these people from different backgrounds together for a common cause. We were no longer speaking only to the trade; we had to garner the love and respect of the common man. The campaign was to be rolled out in two phases. The objective of the first phase was to create awareness and garner registrations for the campaign, whereas the objective of the second phase was to amplify and drive traffic to the website.


With Pure Air Lover’s Society (p.a.l.s.), Suzlon wants to reach out to the youth as they are the obvious change makers, with an issue that not only concerns them but also requires them to make a difference. This movement became the channel to convey the brands promise of powering a greener tomorrow, with clean wind energy that does not pollute the air we breathe. p.a.l.s. is a means of expressing the opinions, convictions, attitudes and ideologies that the people want to express towards clean air.


There was a need to get as many people to join this cause, hence they came up with a call to action ‘Be a p.a.l’, where people are asked to do little things for the environment, making them a p.a.l. This idea was extended across all media including TV, print, PR, radio, outdoor and digital.


The Logo:

The logo for the movement features a butterfly, as it is symbolic of pure air. Butterflies can only be spotted near green grass and fresh flowers, not in the presence of garbage and pollution.


Campaign Activities:

To further amplify the campaign, various tools were added / conducted both on ground and in the digital space. These are:


AQI (Air Quality Index)


This is a tool that allows a user to check the air quality in their respective city as well as the other metros in the country. This tools is updated daily and the information is generated from p.a.l.s. knowledge partner NO2CO2.


Carbon Calculator


This tool allows a user to check the amount of carbon that they produce/emit. This helps a user to make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint and make a difference.


PUC Reminder


This tool allows a user to input the validity of their PUC (Pollution Under Control) card and the user will be reminded when their PUC term is nearly over. The reminders will increase in intensity as the final date approaches. Once the user has renewed his/her PUC they may once again input the validity date for a reminder.


Green Vendor List


This page allows a user to source a vendor who sells eco friendly products (organic food , recyclable items, recycled items, etc).


Pollution Facts


This page informs the user about some facts on pollution.


Tree Plantation Drive


To keep their promise of planting one tree for each p.a.l. who registers, the first phase of plantation of over 5 lakh trees was conducted nationwide on September 12, 2011.


Green Diwali


p.a.l.s. wanted to help people celebrate a “Green Diwali” without hurting anyone’s sentiments. Hence tips on how one could celebrate a cleaner, greener Diwali were shared online. Apart from this an e-card was created and sent to all registered members wishing them a Happy Diwali and also illustrating how they could make a paper lantern by reusing products at home (paper).


Green Christmas


To bring out the season’s spirit of giving, p.a.l.s. started a “Green Christmas” initiative. Hence tips on how a user could celebrate a cleaner, greener Christmas were shared online. Apart from this an e-card was created and sent out to all registered members wishing them a Merry Christmas and also illustrating how they could make a star for their Christmas tree by reusing products at home (paper).




Outcomes from the first phase of the campaign

To create awareness about the campaign

To garner support for the campaign through registrations



Actual results in just four months of the campaign

Over a million registered members

P.a.l.s. has become the largest environment-linked campaign in India

The website exceeds an average of over 8920 registrations per day



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