Reviewing the Reviews: Chaalis Chauraasi

16 Jan,2012

Chaalis Chauraasi

Key Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon, Ravi Kissen, Shweta Bhardwaj

Directed By: Hriday Shetty

Written By: Yash-Vinay

Produced By: Anuya Mhaiskar, Sachin Awasthee, Uday Shetty


This Hriday Shetty film got a decent amount of pre-release publicity because of the cast of good actors – not stars, but those who can be relied on for acting well.


The cast is also probably why the film got mostly 2-2.5 star ratings, but also a 1/2 star by Komal Nahata and Nikhat Kazmi’s usual, over-generous 3.5.


Most critics liked the performances, agreed that the script did not do justice to the actors. The film is hardly likely to be a big hit, it’s not one of those ‘sleepers’ in spite of three item numbers!


Soumyadipta Banerjee of DNA gives it 2.5 and writes, “The best part of the film is its star cast. When you have powerful, experienced and talented actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Kissen in the star cast, they are bound to make good for all the lapses in the script. That is exactly what has happened here. All the above three (Zakir Hussain has also received a lot of praise lately) have formed an entertaining threesome who keep you engaged throughout the film.”


Shubhra Gupta disagrees and gives it a low 1 star: “At one point in this film, we see lots of thrusting groins. Ravi Kishan has the most flexible one, beating all the female dancers in the row. Atul Kulkarni and Kay Kay keep up gamely. And then comes Chaalis Chaurasi’s ace tush-shaker, Naseer himself. He does this not once, but twice. The naach-gaana featuring the Shah comes and goes, and you wait for the movie. All in vain, because Chaalis Chaurasi is like an empty vessel, which rattles around noisily to no effect.”


Gaurav Malani of goes with the majority average rating and writes, “It would really take some effort to mess up a film starring four supremely talented actors in lead roles. An uninspiring script and a dreary director work overtime to achieve such lackluster results. At the outset, Chaalis Chauraasi looks promising with its atypical cast and chronicle. But the one-dimensional plot fails to tap the immense potential of both.”


Sanjukta Sharma of Livemint gives a 2 but has a few kind words: “The screenplay is not flawless, and the story has some banal excesses. The editing is sloppy in parts, and the tacky flourishes in the execution ensure that it looks like a small film in every sense. It is meant to be a potboiler, but with a humour that never borders on the tasteless; the mindlessness in Chaalis Chauraasi has some fun to it.”


Preeti Arora of also gives it 2, but is not so kind: “The film which starts out as a comic caper straddles genres and turns into a display of blood and gore. Aiming at an over-the-top climax, the director only succeeds in prolonging the film with amateurish, badly executed action.”


Komal Nahata hated it: “Yash-Vinay’s subject sustains the audience’s interest in bits and parts only. Although the film is designed as a crime comedy, the humour does not evoke laughter at too many places. Had the comedy been extraordinary and hugely entertaining, even the script may have worked but given that the humour is not very funny, the film remains ordinary fare. The second half and especially the action and crime portions are so long-drawn-out that they give the audience too much time to think – and that is another sore point.”


Surprisingly Mayank Shekhar of Hindustan Times gave 3 stars and wrote, “Here’s the deal then. The drama is set in stretched real time. The gang has a common mission, a heist that may or may not go wrong. Each character in the group is loony in his own unique way. Their names are odder still. Blood-fest unnerves no one. The narrative isn’t entirely linear. Style determines the set-up. This motif has generated a gazillion crime capers/thrillers in the past. Quentin Tarantino gave it the modicum of high cool in the ’90s.”… which doesn’t explain anything.


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  1. Rajesh Uderani says:

    Really good review actually gives the positives and negatives very clearly letting me decide if its worth my time or not most reviews lack that now as their just all over the place and trying to force their own opinion onto you !