Mathrubhumi’s George Sebastian wins gold at stamp show

17 Jan,2012

By A Correspondent


Matrubhumi general manager George Sebastian’s stamp exhibit titled ‘The Sun – Myths & Manifestations’ has been awarded the Gold Medal in the Thematic category, at Mahapex 2012, the philatelic exhibition organised by Maharashtra Posts in Pune. The awards were given at a glittering function, attended by prominent philatelists and stamp enthusiasts at the Shiv Chatrapati Krida Sankul, Balewadi.


Mr Sebastian’s award-winning exhibit traced the various aspects of sun worship by different religions and cultures around the world, starting from the Incan and Mayan civilisations, right to the Egyptian and Indian civilisations.


The impact of the ancient Sun cult Mithraism, on Christianity and other religions was brought in to focus by Mr Sebastian through the medium of philately.


Stamps and covers from erstwhile states of Jaipur, Gwalior, Junagadh and Mewar illustrated the importance of Surya, as a god, in official insignia of early indian kingdoms.


The impact the Sun has on literature and in our daily lives has been portrayed through stamps from around the world. Beautiful stamps and miniature sheets showcased aspects of solar eclipse, Copernicus’ heliocentric theory, and even Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, found expression through stamps.


Mr Sebastian, actively encouraged by his father, started collecting stamps at the age of 5. The exhibit ‘The Sun – Myths & Manifestations’ took over four years to complete. The exhibit also won the Trophy instituted by Col Dutta for ‘Best Research’.


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  1. Ddsathe says:

    Congratulations and Happy Stamp collection..Hope to see more laurels–Seema–Uday Sathe

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