M-commerce is the way to go in 2012

02 Jan,2012

By Rishi Vora


The Q3 report for 2011, which was released in December 2011 by BuzzCity, a global company which serves advertisers and publishers of mobile internet sites, augurs high growth prospects for mobile commerce (m-commerce) , which grew by 30 percent from the second quarter in 2011, in India.


According to the report, a major portion of the growth came from mobile content players, but there were a few financial services brands that also ran promotions.


BuzzCity, headquartered in Singapore specialises in mobile internet advertising and India tops its priority list among emerging nations. BuzzCity has served more than three billion ads in India alone – it tops the list of ads served by a company in the Asia Pacific region.


BuzzCity’s India operations were started four years ago when the Mumbai office was set up, at a time when mobile internet, as a medium, had just begun to gain momentum.


K F Lai, co-founder and CEO, BuzzCity said, “India is one of the most important markets for us. It contributes a significant chunk of revenue to our global network. Though the market is still small in size, it is beginning to open up and 2012 should see many advertisers and content players invest in the medium.”


The report also stated that while Indian market was heavily male-dominated as far as usage of mobile internet was concerned, the sheer size of the market still gave advertisers reach into a substantial demographic of over 14 million unique users.


Sharing his view on the Indian market, Mr Lai said, “There are about 150 million mobile internet users in India, these numbers are bigger than internet numbers, thanks to the mobile penetration and the decreasing price-points of smart-phones, 3G services and so on. We will also see increase in the number of mobile internet users, with tablets becoming popular, it means better user experience, opportunity for brands and for publishers – it means serious business.”


Mr Lai believes that 2012 will be a year where m-commerce will evolve in a big way. India has already seen unprecedented growth in e-commerce. The key for the industry, however, is to maintain high levels of trust among consumers and transparent dealings. If proper care is taken, it is a medium which can pay rich dividends to brands in India.


The report also revealed that in 2011 Nokia was the most popular handset brand for internet access (64.81 percent), followed by Samsung (11.85 percent). The generic mobile phones, known as ‘white-box handsets’, cumulatively accounted for a marginally higher share than Samsung at 11.95 per cent.

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