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09 Jan,2012

Elizabeth Venkatraman, Head of Marketing, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd



Kotak Mahindra


The Insight

We had conducted in-house research, the findings from which provided the stimuli for the campaign. The research threw up the following findings: In today’s recessionary phase the value of money is reducing, and I am looking for a way to not just beat inflation but actually grow the value of my money to maintain my lifestyle and take care of my needs. The global economic situation continues to be uncertain and with that comes job and income uncertainty and I am looking for a way to beat it. My own needs are growing with time – both aspirational needs such as a better car, new house etc. and non-aspirational such as growing school fees, medical fees etc. and the pace of organic income generation is not keeping pace (salary) and I need supplementary income


The Creative Concept

Arising from the Insight, the creative concept: In today’s day and age, work life revolves around targets, long working hours and hard to achieve deadlines. And all this even while we have responsibilities towards our home, family and friends. The pressure is even harder to handle if one happens to be the sole earning member in the family. In such times we often wish to have another like us in our lives who can take the pressure off once in a while and bring in some additional income.  Although as a brand we understand that no plan can ever replace or be what you are for your family, but a guaranteed plan such as ours can provide that much required additional help.


The Product Proposition

Our flagship product for the year, Kotak Assured Income Plan is a guaranteed plan with a 30-year term. With this plan you can earn a fixed amount every year starting with the 11th year, for a period of 20 years. The guaranteed aspect of the plan lends it a surety typically associated with the income you earn at work; and hence we had the idea to position it as a second income which is guaranteed. The product benefit also gels well with the consumer insight and providessole earning members the chance to take another pay cheque home.


The Creative Idea

Keeping the insight and the product benefit in mind, we came up with the thought of ‘another you’ who can support you to make your life better. The creative idea that stemmed from this thought shows ‘another you’ stepping in to lend a helping hand and allowing you to shoulder your responsibilities better. The ‘another you’ here is a personification of the plan and the certainty of additional financial support that it offers which only you can otherwise provide your family.


The Audience

Be it a accomplished chef; or a aspiring singer trying to make her mark or simply someone struggling through the daily maze ; everyone can do a with the little extra help – the additional income. Hence, the scenarios, much as the need itself, cuts across age and class to show different kinds of people benefitting from the ‘another you’ in their lives. The target group in effect is anyone and everyone who has ever felt the need for financial support or for some help at work. As this need is universal this thought will find favour with a large base of people and will be easy to relate to. The Film & Jingle


The ad film is a peppy, optimistic and fun take on this insight and thought.  The jingle plays a very important role in the film as it puts the thought across in a succinct and fun manner. A re-recording of the old Bollywood song from the ’80s “Aap jaisa koi”; our jingle goes “Merejaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye, toh baat bann jaaye!” In creative terms our ad messaging is that if you had another like you, your life would be made because that would mean having a second income. The scenarios in the film show people at work being helped by another who looks exactly like them. The film opens in a recording studio where a singer starts out by singing the jingle only to see someone exactly like her walk by and join in, to make the song more peppy . The next scene cuts to a chef in a restaurant kitchen tasting a broth and trying to figure out how he can better it, just when another one like him walks in and sprinkles some spice to help him complete his dish. Next up is a regular office going man trying to catch a bus that has left the stop. Ashe runs towards it an outstretched hand grabs his hand and helps him get in just in time, in the process ensuring that he does not miss his bus. The man with the helping hand looks exactly like our protagonist who acknowledges the effort. The VO comes on “Aap jaisa ek aur hota toh second income ho jati; Guaranteed Second Income from Kotak Life Insurance, Faidey ka Insurance”


The Team:

Creative Agency: JWT

Production House: Keroscene Films

Director: Rajesh Saathi

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