Jaldi 5 with Archana Vohra: itimes is philosophically different

04 Jan,2012

01. How will the property be marketed?

We are excited about the launch and right now want to learn how our users are interacting with the new product. Once we get a better understanding we will think about how to grow the audience base.


02. FB Groups/Yahoo Groups also offers same proposition. How do you plan to make it tick?

The new Itimes.com is philosophically different from Facebook groups and Yahoo groups.


03. Is it invitation-only?

Itimes.com is a open interest network where anyone can create and share interests. It’s not invite or friends led hence relationships are based purely on content.


04. How scalable is the property?

From a business model perspective, the focus is engagement and not monetization currently. On the application side, we are scalable to manage large volumes of data and interactions.


05. What are the challenges that this proposition might face in India?

Right now we’re trying to build something that gives users a new way to engage with things they care about. So our real challenge is to see if we can develop an experience that makes that happen.


As told to Ananya Saha


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