IPL sponsorship assessment in new TAM volumes

03 Jan,2012

By A Correspondent


TAM Sports, a specialized division of TAM Media Research, which has done extensive work in the field of sports measurement and valuation in the past few years and specializes in measuring the sports sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI), announced the launch of special features on IPL 3 and IPL 4.


TAM Sports has done an extensive assessment on IPL 3 & 4, focusing on the dynamics of TV audience and sponsorships. This series of TAM Sports publishing aims at benefiting sports associations, broadcasters, advertisers and sports marketing consultancies and help them understand the complexity involved in expecting ROI. TAM Sports started this initiative with IPL Season 1 and has also released a book on IPL Season 2.


TAM Sports’ IPL 3 & 4 books will include an in-depth study on the event’s viewership dynamics, commercial and non-commercial advertising (product placement) that brings out the nuances with respect to visibility of brands and branding units along with a comparison across seasons.


It will have a detailed study on consumer impressions, brand placement, on-screen and instadia advertising along with a special section on franchisee advertising done during IPL seasons 3 and 4. One part of this offering will also include an analysis on PR exposure received by the franchisees and various brands associated with IPL.


Talking about the IPL 3 & 4 feature, LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research said: “Based on the overwhelming response to our earlier book series on IPL 1 & 2, we are glad to release the combined book volumes of IPL 3 & 4. These two volume will also highlight the insights on sports sponsorship ROI on various platforms – instadia, on-player and on-screen, along with throwing light on the tournament viewing analysis like audience profile, how various markets have responded to the event, impact of IPL on other genres with a special new section on franchisee advertising and print in-content placement. While TAM Sports has alays had a big focus on cricket due to its large audience and advertising base, we will also continue to provide more such insights in other sports like F1, tennis and football as well serve the respective industry for its business requirements.”


Some observations from the TAM Sports IPL study are:

  • IPL seasons have been successful in reaching maximum audiences year after year. IPL Season 3 reached 41 + million audiences whereas IPL 4 reached 46+ million viewers.
  • IPL 3 & 4 garnered maximum contribution from CS 35 + age group whereas IPL Season 4 has seen increase in kids viewing.
  • In comparison with IPL 3, IPL 4 witnessed 33 per cent growth in overall advertising while commercial, on-screen and instadia advertising witnessed a growth of 21 per cent, 50 per cent and 33 per cent respectively.
  • Commercial advertising during IPL Season 4 increased by 21 per cent as compared to IPL Season 3.
  • IPL 4 saw utilization of 60+ instadia platforms.
  • On player advertising has witnessed 37 per cent growth.
  • 57 brands got exposure through 16 accessories platforms and contributed 2 per cent share of the total ‘instadia’ advertising.

TAM is a joint venture between AC Nielsen Research Services (Nielson Company) & Kantar Market Research. Besides measuring TV Viewership, TAM also monitors advertising expenditure of television, print and radio through its division AdExIndia.


Since 2004, it extended its presence in the PR measurement & analysis space for Corporate/Marketing Clients by setting up a separate division, Eikona PR Measurement.


In 2007, the joint venture introduced RAM (Radio Audio Measurement) service to track radio listenership for the Indian Radio Broadcast Industry.


In year 2009, TAM launched a division, called TAM Sports that specializes in monitoring Sports Sponsorship ROI.


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