Anil Thakraney: The Bigg Boss Diary

09 Jan,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Chances are, if I wasn’t hired to write a blog on media and advertising, I would have given Bigg Boss a quiet miss. Watching fishmarket fights right before dozing off isn’t really my idea of fun. But watch I did, now and then, and now that the show is done and dusted, some observations.


I have to grudgingly admit that the show is a success in India. Viewership ratings have been climbing every season, and the fifth season opened with a very healthy 4.3. It later fell a bit and hovered around 2, but even that’s not bad for a 10.30 PM reality show. Of course, the grand finale must have recorded a much higher figure. Another indicator of its popularity is the media’s huge interest in the show. Hindi news channels kept a faithful coverage going (they went near orgasmic when the final results were announced) and the show has been a hot topic of discussion on Twitter as well. Much as I hate to admit is, Bigg Boss is here to stay.


It was quite clear Salman Khan was calling many shots on the show, and was playing way beyond the designated role of an anchor. I would not be surprised if he had a part to play in the elimination rounds, and this makes me wonder. Is the channel not able to stand up to a top actor? Or, is Sallubhai planning to pick up stake in the network? Contestant Pooja Bedi’s absence at the finale raised many eyebrows. She had been tweeting about Salman and Mahak Chahal’s (another contestant) good ‘friendship’.


Sanjay Dutt does not fit into this format at all. A crashing bore. Hope we won’t have to suffer him in the next season. There’s already enough grief coming from the insane inmates.


While I understand the show needs crazy and edgy contestants to keep the fights going (and therefore the ratings), do all of them have to be loonies? Does it not make sense to invite at least a few intelligent people on the show to provide some balance? That way, in between ugly confrontations, we viewers can be rewarded with a few meaningful conversations. Surely that would boost TRPs a bit. Something for Colors to think about for the next season. Even a mental asylum has doctors and nurses.


I failed to see the need for a porn star if she cannot strip on the show. What’s the use of burning so much money on a contestant who cannot do on a family channel that which she knows best? Also, the very burnt-out Shakti Kapoor was a terrible idea, a disaster. And Swami Agnivesh?? Makes you wonder if someone is thinking clearly on the casting.


Finally, can we please be told how many people voted to keep a contestant in the house? Can we have some numbers please? Can we have some transparency please? So that the frequent charges of rigging can be diluted to a certain extent?




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PS: England and Chelsea football captain John Terry has threatened the Indian government with legal action. A photograph of the footballer has been cleared for use on an Indian ciggie brand. Well, hope he does file charges and seek compensation. The government makes too much dosh on excise duty in this product category, and smokers will be happy if some of that goes to a footballer.


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  1. Ankeet Sinha says:

    They used to do that initially as in show number of people who voted in the season 1 edition but then they stopped. I love Bigg Boss cuz everyone loves to see someone making an ass of themselves on national TV. Most people in India indulge in Voyeurism anyways by seeing what is happening with their neighbours.