Goafest 2012 brings S Asia into ambit

25 Jan,2012

By Robin Thomas


Goafest 2012 has been extended across South Asian countries. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal have been invited not only as delegates, but also as award entrants. Specialist agencies have been encouraged to participate in Goafest 2012, and Grand Prix have been introduced in more categories. These were some of the announcements made by the Goafest Committee. The advertising festival is scheduled to be held from April 19 to April 21, 2012 at the Zuri White Sands in South Goa. The theme this year is ‘Magic of ideas’. Goafest 2012 has been presented by AAAI and Ad Club Bombay.


Since specialist areas like Out-of-Home, Ambient, Design, Interactive Digital Advertising, Direct and Integrated Advertising have been growing over the years, Abbies at Goafest 2012 will have a provision for Grand Prix in all nine verticals. Last year the Grand Prix was given only in Film, Print and Radio verticals. Grand Prix will also be introduced in the media awards.


Goafest 2012 is said to be looking at strong client participation with senior clients expected to be an integral part of knowledge seminars. The Goafest committee is also said to be looking to attract young client delegates in large numbers. It is offering special packages for under-30 marketers.


In order to spread awareness about Goafest 2012, the committee has decided to conduct roadshows across South Asian countries.


In conversation with MxMIndia, Arvind Sharma, Goafest Committee Chairman said, “The theme is inclusiveness, we clearly present what value each one will get by participating at the festival. We haven’t really reached out and marketed ourselves. We have not sent out a clear message about inclusivity and the importance of participation. It is said the nature of business is changing, and that there are a whole lot of specialist areas to be ventured into. By allowing Grand Prix in each of the verticals Goafest 2012 has highlighted the importance of each of the verticals. Goafest is a property like no other else therefore it is important to bring in specialist agencies that have traditionally not been part of Ad Club.”


On his expectations from Goafest 2012, Shashi Sinha, President, The Advertising Club Bombay and Chairman of the Awards Governing Council said, “With Grand Prix opening up and more organizations participating, hopefully even from other countries, expectations are quite high. This time although the delegates are much higher, there will be a lot of fragmentations because of increased participations from different agencies.”


The decision is also expected to encourage many more specialist agencies to come forward and enter their work in the show. This is likely to give a further impetus to the trend observed over the last few years. Consistent with its growing importance, digital will find a place at Goafest 2012. Digital Awards will be held on April 20, 2012 as will Media Awards. Design, Direct Awards will also be held on April 20, 2012 and as in past the rest of the Creative awards will be held at the awards night on April 21, 2012.


In line with the overall festival theme, Goafest 2012 Conclave theme is ‘Ideas for impacting the full circle’. The Conclave aims to help the entire industry gear up for opportunities that lie ahead. The festival is said to be inviting global leaders from major clients as well as major communication groups to participate in the Conclave.

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