FDI in retail can bailout OOH industry: Nabendu Bhattacharyya

10 Jan,2012

By Nabendu Bhattacharya


Key milestones for OOH Industry in 2011:

  • Due to service tax ruling the industry came together to discuss standard operating procedures for OOH industry in line with other industries.
  • Marketers demanded more efficiency in OOH planning, creative innovations and 2011 witnessed many innovations in various categories in OOH. We saw various formats introduced in line with the international OOH markets. Street furniture inDelhiand Mumbai put emphasis on format beautifications in terms of aesthetic structures of billboards.
  • We also saw a lot of entrepreneurs entering as OOH specialists; many of them emerged after breaking away from large agency specialists’ space.
  • I would call 2011 a year of growth. It may not have been a great year in terms of huge OOH advertising spends, but OOH stakeholders pursued other categories and managed to convince local clients in the city levels, and few categories even invested more namely, gems – jewellery, real estate, retail, media entertainment, automotive and FMCG.
  • Hence, in adverse conditions the industry grew because of a significant contribution from other advertising categories.


Five trends to watch out for in 2012:

  • Industry codes of conduct will be effectively introduced in line with IBF and INS.
  • Clients will demand efficiency in the medium, hence OOH stakeholders need to get together to offer planning and research in OOH.
  • Small format mediums will be introduced in line to build government infrastructural projects by the authorities in line with other countries. The government will be more open to look at long-term tenders. Hence, international players may show interest in enteringIndia. The government will bring in greater control over the medium.
  • Technology and innovation will be demanded from agency specialists by marketers.
  • Industry will face a hard time due to the economic slowdown, hence new categories will emerge. If FDI gets through, retail will bail out the OOH industry in a large way.


Nabendu Bhattacharyya is Founder and Managing Director, Milestone Brandcom.


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