Debrief: Google Chrome: Real marries virtual

03 Jan,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Excellent advert from Google Chrome. Taking their global idea forward, which is ‘The web is what you make of it’, they have Indianized the concept quite wonderfully. It’s about explaining to a layman how easy it is to expand your business by creating your own website.


The TVC features an artist from Tanjore (Tamil Nadu). His miniature paintings aren’t selling much, and the man looks pretty disillusioned. He then creates a website for his work, and soon his fame spreads far and wide and he turns into a flourishing entrepreneur.


But the magic lies in the execution of the commercial, it’s a combination of the real and the virtual, and it’s difficult to describe it. Watch the TVC.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Now here’s a commercial where everything comes right. The idea, the direction, the editing, the setting, the casting, the music score… all come together literally like a work of art, and effortlessly communicate that Google Chrome can make you prosper in your line of activity. It’s actually a very basic thought, but the fabulous execution takes it to another level.


Also, it must be said, this is a risky storyboard. Things could easily have gone horribly wrong with a mediocre treatment. Full marks to Google Chrome and their ad agency for taking that risk. It’s paid off.


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 4. Art and science come together seamlessly to create magic.


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