Dainik Bhaskar Group Launches ‘The Brain Hunt 2012’

12 Jan,2012

By A Correspondent


Dainik Bhaskar Group,India’s largest newspaper group, believes in offering its readers ‘smart engagement’ that aim to fill the void of originality and innovation. This is exemplified by the activities under Bhaskar Champs Club (BCC); a club that provide a platform for students to enrich their knowledge, practical wisdom, creativity and showcase their talents.


The club has been instituted for school students to develop reading habits in ‘Gen-Next’ and boost future readership. The Bhaskar Champs Club has more than 1 lakh members acrossIndia.


In 2012, BCC intends to showcase another mind- engaging activity, ‘The Brain Hunt 2012’, the fourth initiative in a row. ‘Bhaskar Champs Club’, ‘Brain Hunt 2012- The quest for wonder kidz’. The initiative was started with the successful Scrapbook Activity in 2010, which had 9 winners in 3 classifications – class 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12, who were awarded by Aamir Khan, was followed with Junior Picasso (National Level Painting Competition), which led to creation of a desk top calendar from the winning 24 entries in 2011. The same was released by Ms Ambika Soni atDelhi. The year also saw BCC’s ‘Junior Editor-2011’ being recognized by ‘The India Book of Record’ as the Largest Newspaper-making Competition with more than 68,000 student participants which culminated with an evening for the winners with Army Chief Gen

VK Singh


Mr. Vinay Maheshwari, Vice-President- Sales & Market Development, Dainik Bhaskar, said: “Brain Hunt-2012 is our initiative to hunt for visionary brains. It is a true roller-coaster ride with 16 mind boggling activities presented in a wonderfully crafted activity workbook available pan-India from January 11. Themes and activities in the workbook will test true strength of a student’s creativity and innovation.”


Mr. Maheshwari concluded: “Brain Hunt 2012 will enable students to ‘Imagine

a Whole New World’, ‘Experiment with the facts’, ‘Visualize the unseen’ and Think

Unlike!!!’, around which the whole idea has evolved”. The activity starts in January 2012 and will be completed by March 2012.


Dainik Bhaskar Group isIndia’s Largest Newspaper Group and has a strong presence in newspapers, radio, event marketing, printing, short code, Digital, services andMobileapplication.


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147 responses to “Dainik Bhaskar Group Launches ‘The Brain Hunt 2012’”

  1. Hiteshkumar Patel says:

    hi my son is participate in brain hunt competition but he dont know what can he do?

  2. nitin says:

    thankyou to see this reply

  3. nitin says:

    hey what ihave to do

  4. nitin says:

    it is very good

  5. Mohit Mahawar says:

    iy is good

  6. Mohit Mahawar says:

    iy is good

  7. Kindly let me the last date to submit Junior Editor II

  8. muskan says:

    class 8 ko pure 12 pages karne hai ya 6 pages

  9. Ravikumar3534 says:

    result kab aayega

  10. Het ... says:

    I m going to presidential house for taking my prize of brain hunt but please
    Tell what will be the prizes ?.

  11. Het ... says:

    Hi I m Hetul Patel from Gujarat. I am one of the winners
    of brain hunt 2012. I will be awarded by president of India. Mrs pratibha patil. Thank you dainik bhaskar for choosing me as winner.

  12. Akarsh Banthiya2 says:

    when the result will come…..

    • het.... says:

      The result was declared on 30 th jun 2012 in divya bhaskar in gujarat. Winners were phoned from Bhopal mp head office. In every group like a,b,c,d 10 participants were selected to meet pratibha patil . I m also one luck guy of them.

  13. radhika says:

    r d results out???? if yes , 4m wher v can get dem???

  14. Avdesh_g says:

    when are the results of it….i wanna know…..pls can u tell me……

  15. Nandini Saxena says:

    no one is coming to collect the activity book .do we need to go and submit it at dainik bhaskars office

  16. Avdesh_g says:

    when the will results will be out of brain hunt 2012???
    please do send me reply…

  17. Rajawatmayanksingh says:

    when will be result declared

  18. Saarsmart says:

    is activity 17 compulsory?

  19. Saarsmart says:

    the date of submission was 31 april but now it has been extended to 10 may.. but the member4ship card expires in the end of april… what to do?? because the members only can participate in the hunt…

  20. Saarsmart says:

    what is to do with activity dedicated to parents…

  21. shivi agnihotri says:

    is the date of submission changed

  22. shivi agnihotri says:

    is the date of submission changed

  23. tarun says:

    writing our experience is compulsury

  24. Pratik Jetha says:

    is it necessary to paste coupans?

    • Saarsmart says:

      yes it is necessary… this shows your membership in the club.. as you subscribe the magezines..

  25. Arpitdaga says:

    when the result of brain hunt come

  26. Shreyansh chakraborty says:

    what we have to do in the last exercise which parents have to do.

    please tell me what to do in the last exercise…

  27. Sahil Lodha says:

    hey please gave me question of brain hunt on fb my id is sahil098@hotmail.com it hunt the brain of child by question my cousin have done this he has more capicity of learning & reading by brain hunt 2012…………………………… thanku

  28. k.agrawal says:

    i write comment on k.agrawal.which things write to tell call on 9351080901.

  29. k.agrawal says:

    sir;i didn’t understanding graffiti wall,next gadget,chess system,micro website,zero gravity and i have to deposited tomorrow so sir help me.

  30. Srivarocks Srivastav says:

    plz tell me the date of submitting brain hunt……and if i hav not subscribed the bal bhaskar from where do i get the coupons???

    • Saarsmart says:

      go to nearest distributer.. ask him to give you bal bhaskars of last four-five weeks.. you will definitely get the coupens

  31. Bikyboyparth31 says:

    hey wat to do in the activity my birthday expierience rply fast guysz plz,….

  32. Patelpiyush1976 says:

    i dont understand the parents activity


  33. Atul_kulshreshtha2005 says:

    hey! it’s enough now!till now i have posted two ‘whole’ requests but still no one’s answering me!pleeeeeease…

  34. Atul_kulshreshtha2005 says:

    hello, there! is anyone listening to me?

  35. Rupal Garg says:

    If you see it plz tell when is the last date of post it

  36. Satyamk singh kushwah says:

    in this book i like the system of filling of chess

  37. Atul_kulshreshtha2005 says:

    sir, please listen! it’s emergency!!!

  38. Atul_kulshreshtha2005 says:

    sir, i am a little kid and if you are listening me please reply for god’s sake

  39. Anonymous says:

    does we get a prize in dainik bhaskar brain hunt 2012 for giving right answers? please reply fst! have you get any prize for it?

  40. Manthanlal says:

    Where I will get the coupons which will be pasted on the last page of brain hunt 2012

  41. Prakharsable220 says:

    i dont understand the parents activity

  42. Pankti Sanghvi says:

    The book is too easy for me πŸ™‚

  43. geet natu says:

    a very nice analytical tour for our overall growth and creativity.

  44. rashi Shivhare says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell answer of activity 2

  45. sanata sahoo says:

    this book is really very fantastic . but i can not think about activity no.17 . please tell me, what to do in it

  46. Shivam says:

    Thank you, Ms. Richa Bhatia! I am Shivam from class VIII at Cambrian Public School, Ranchi. Your post for parents activity was truly helping!

  47. Blackheart330 says:

    what is in parents acti vity

  48. Harshakiroriwal says:

    what 2 do in activity 17 email on harshakiroriwal@yahoo.in

  49. sharonkent says:

    i also wants !!!!! plz tl m wat 2 do??????

  50. Raunak Bhandari says:


  51. Raunak Bhandari says:


  52. Raunak Bhandari says:


  53. Shubham rawat says:

    this book is really very fantastic . but i am very bewildered about activity no.17 . please tell me wat 2 do in it .

  54. Gunjan says:

    i have taken the book from school but i do’nt want to submit it through school so what shall i do to submit it

  55. Harsh Bawari says:

    its very good for children but what we have to do in parent’s activity. Please reply at harshbawari@gmail.com

  56. Shubham chhabra says:

    can we use clay on making drawings

  57. Vruti says:

    It is a book with unimaginable activities which students will do with great interest. It’s osam!

  58. Vruti says:

    It is a book with unimaginable activities which students will do with great interest. It’s osam!

  59. Suhana says:

    Its a great step towards developing thoughts and imagination skill of children….

  60. Eshanagarwal says:

    what i do in activity 17,14,9

    book is interesting but reply fastly what i do in that activities

  61. Tofik khan says:

    I like this & like session brain hunt 2012

    Tofik khan silawat


  62. Amir Ahmad says:

    yes u r absolutely right.some works are bit easy but some are quite difficult.

  63. Amir Ahmad says:

    hi! Dainik bhaskar brain hunt contest likely to be very tough for almost all of us.it doesn’t enable us to choose up a particular subject in which we are interested.we have to do those works unwillingly……..how disgusting it is…!!!!!

  64. Nishant sharma says:

    i like this becoz my sister annu sharma like that it is fanny for entertainment all students

  65. when i submitthis buk

  66. Mahipal singh rao says:

    in this book i like this ectivities – gandhi ji monkey’s

  67. Ritvikakeene says:

    how to do activity 17

  68. Dharmishtha_81 says:

    it is very nice
    but i want to know that child have to write it down with pen or pencil is allowed

  69. Zsurya@yahoo.in says:

    sallai answer btaa varna teri tatti nikalu kya sallai haramii kuttai bhas kaminai

  70. Mahajan Indu1 says:

    for brain hunt is it any prize or scholarship

  71. PalluaviMJ says:

    hey where is the admin of this site?? or any controller ???

    plz reply what to do in activity 17 my time is passing away .. be fast n reply .. quickly .. plzzzzz

    • gunjan says:

      parents have to write that what 3 things they will do if they will become invisible for some time
      it has already been published in dainik bhaskar

  72. Mukul Chawla says:

    The Brain Hunt Created by you is AweSoMe….

  73. Rahul says:

    how to apply it

  74. shana says:

    Got the activity book but the activities are not age based-too high for small kids.Feel it is just a money making business!!

  75. Aparna says:

    hai toh badiya lekin yar koi toh bata do mene ki form bharna hai iska toh voh kitthe hai.plzzzz bhot dino se dhund rai hu mai.

  76. PalluaviMJ says:

    am not getting what to do on the “parents activity” page ??
    what my parents will have to do there?? i mean .. do they have to write or draw something?? am comfused plz reply …

    • Shubham chhabra says:

      they have to write that what 3 things they will do if they will become invisible for some time
      it has already been published in dainik bhaskar

  77. Sumitbhatnagar says:

    hello how can i participate in brain hunt
    send the method on my e.mail

  78. Shubhankarkashyap says:

    i hav ys it

  79. Jainamjain says:

    5645562154 58541 πŸ™‚

  80. Jainamjain says:


  81. Ishandalvi says:

    how can i register online

  82. deependra singh rathore says:

    bhaiya hmari maddad kro brain hunt k book k liye koi 12 activity bta do plz call 9314588555

  83. Simplisuman says:


  84. Priya1997sharma says:

    Its auseme really……………….!!!!!!!!!!

  85. SHEKHARRAJAK says:




  86. Harshshukla10 says:

    is it that only members can participate {as written in the workbook}, if than how to become a member

    • PalluaviMJ says:

      no its not like that .. just go to dainik bhaskar office and ask for participation in the brain hunt competition ..thay will provide u a book and magzine of young bhaskar or bal bhaskar .. and u become the member of it πŸ™‚ take it simple

  87. Jasminesingla96 says:

    how to apply for it

  88. Bharat joshi says:

    what is the syllabus for this contest and date please tell me fast

  89. abhishek tarun says:

    what to do in activity 17

  90. Anmol1702 says:

    the people come to house to house for giving form or we have to go to dainik bhaskar of office

  91. Anmol1702 says:

    i know how to apply for it

  92. Indrasingh says:

    what s price this book

  93. Prayas Mittal says:

    how to apply for it???

    • akansha singh says:

      aap ise school se bhi le skate ho ya phir aap ise danik bhaskar offfice se le sakte ho

    • Rashikoranne99 says:

      if you want then you can connect with your school teachers ..if your school do not apply this then you can collect this book from dainik office

  94. Surinder Singh says:

    Every and each students of India should participate in this mind blowing topic The Brain Hunt 2012

  95. achal says:

    how to apply?

  96. Sakshi chavan says:

    how to apply?

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