Bal Mundkur: Tributes by Shashi Sinha & Bunty Peerbhoy

09 Jan,2012

By Tuhina Anand


Shashi Sinha, CEO, Lodestar UM

Bal Mundkur did what he believed in and did that pretty well. He was passionate about advertising per se and was not among those who would look at action from far but get personally involved with work that he took charge of. I had the opportunity to work with him for 5-6 years and I can recall that ion those days advertising was really different ball game yet even then he would be pushing boundaries and not hesitate in taking chance. He would lead from the front and give his ideas to better creativity. He got into advertising pretty late but when he got into it he followed it from his heart.


Bunty Peerbhoy

I have known Bal very closely. I remember an interaction with him which he had with my father one day at Habour Bar in Taj where he was sitting alone. My father introduced me to him and he asked him how much I was being paid by my father. As a trainee, my father replied that I was being paid Rs 90. He made an offer to me to join him where he would pay me Rs 500. My father was stunned but Bal was unfazed. He said, “You are underpaying a smart young man, I am offering him what he deserves’. That was my first interaction. Though there is an aside to this story and that is when my father introduced me to Bal, I was sheepish because those days I used to play cards with Ulka people and Bal would drop in at times so in that sense we had met before but it was an introduction which I definitely didn’t want my father to know of.


I have spent time with him and known him both professionally and personally. He has also been a speaker at the memorial lecture that we conduct every year in memory of my father called the Ayaz Peerbhoy Memorial Lecture. He was a lovable incorrigible person who always challenged the convention. He never shied away from being blunt. At time when agencies were doing speculative campaign he came out strongly saying that while people in advertising may talk against it but when it came to doing one for a prospective client they would not shy away from doing it. He stressed on the fact that one should not say things that they don’t mean. He always spoke his mind. He was certainly among one the colorful men of our business whose language too was equally colorful…but that was Bal.


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One response to “Bal Mundkur: Tributes by Shashi Sinha & Bunty Peerbhoy”

  1. Shiva says:

    I had met Bal when Ulka had started Interface Communications in 1986. I was with Jay Luniya at Interface -Mumbai then. Bal was a personality full of vigor, dynamism and with an aura of charisma around him. He was a one of those rare breed of Admen of yesterdays which I am sure only those who have worked with him will know. It is a great loss for the Indian Ad Industry.

    Branch Director
    Xebec Communications, Bangaloore

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