Anil Thakraney: How the marathon has become an an outdoor Page 3 bash

18 Jan,2012

By Anil Thakraney


I am no fan of celeb parties. The last one I went for, I think, was when the twin towers of New York City were still around. And I loathe them because I consider such soirees to be a total waste of time. The whole ‘networking’ bit is bollocks, I immediately trash all the visiting cards that get doled out, and I suspect so do others. But, people have the right to party, so let them do it. It’s a free country and people have enough free time to kill, so that’s cool.


However, the one big party I cannot deal with and strongly condemn is that Great Outdoor Bash called the Marathon. Where a bunch of publicity hungry celebs and a whole lot of wannabes and wastrels collect and make a mess of our Sunday, as all sorts of traffic restrictions come into play. Last Sunday, because of the Mumbai Marathon, I had to cancel my plans of visiting South Mumbai on work. And that’s so damn unfair, why should we suffer because a few sods wanna have street fun, and are desperate for their ‘athletic’ frames to be featured on Page 3?


Here’s why I think the event sucks:

Hundreds of people claim to run for hundreds of charities. No one really remembers or even knows what charities these are, and more importantly, if the money really makes it into the right places. There are zero checks and balances on this, so the whole charity bit sounds very dubious.


Over 90 percent of the hangers-on arrive for potential star-gazing. They have no interest in either running or in charity. All they do is create street nuisance.


The kind of money that claims to be generated at the Marathon, it’s loose change really for sprinters like Ambani, Mahindra and Mallya. These very loaded gentlemen can so easily donate hugely to charity without creating a public spectacle, if they wanted to. But then, how will they get their hot bods on to Page 3?


Each year the predictable happens. A broke Kenyan or a broke Nigerian wins the bounty prize. Because these are the only dudes who can run, as everyone else wants to simply party. Fine. As long as these boys use the money for the right purposes. And don’t end up in the back alleys of Juhu peddling you know what.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Net Net: Guys and gals, please do this tamasha inside Brabourne stadium. The sponsors will still get their mileage, the Africans will still win, you will still get media coverage and a chance to show off. And the rest of us can continue with our routine lives. Thank you!




PS: Brilliant public service ad from the British Heart Foundation. Making the act of reviving victims of cardiac arrest look not just a simple, but a fun thing to do. See, you don’t need to run street marathons if you want to do good work. Doing an ad like this goes miles in changing lives.


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3 responses to “Anil Thakraney: How the marathon has become an an outdoor Page 3 bash”

  1. Manisha Kukereja says:

    The marathon is great and some people really enjoy it and make it their goal work towards it and it does serve a better cause one day of chaos for it is fine. We deal with chaos all the time for things that are way more rubbish.

  2. Thakraneyscritic says:

    I think you are sour, since your no big fly and don’t receive much importance. An Anil Thakraney’s point of view on what those who wield (or at least making an attempt to ) power should do. With the same logic, why do you write your point of view – who cares?

  3. ND says:

    If 33000 peoples desire to see celebs can be satisfied in a healthy way whats wrong with that. We stop the roads for politicians all the time. Why not for building health. I can assure you that i know atleast 100 people personally who have made marathon a personal goal and made themselves fit. And whats wrong with partying and enjoying life.