Anil Thakraney: Dear News Channel Editors…

20 Jan,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Er, we don’t want to hear about or watch any of the following, most of which seems to be getting prime time coverage from you guys. Either you’ve run out of news or have run out of edit judgment or both.


Please go easy on the political turbulence in Pakistan. We really aren’t interested in their internal machinations and electoral problems. Whichever government or army chief comes to power, their India obsession will go on anyways. And Kasab’s cronies will try to slip in anyways. Tell us the ‘moti moti baat’ and cut them out. Please.


And the army general’s age? Really, we are fed up of figuring out his date of birth, and frankly, we don’t care. We have to worry about the potholes that have sprung up on a newly built flyover. And to think the officer isn’t even a lady that we must pay so much attention to the age. Hatao, yaar!


Please don’t overkill on the UP assembly elections. I know most of you editors are located in Delhi and therefore politics runs in your blood. And that you are obsessed with Rahul Gandhi’s shenanigans, but the rest of us in India aren’t really crazed about the battle between Maya and Mulayam. Also, whoever comes into power, the mass migration out of the state isn’t going to end. So cool down, people.


Kindly snip out those TV shows where the usual suspect ‘experts’ dole out gyaan on why India got thrashed by Australia. There’s only so much we can take about ‘Indians should have batted, bowled and fielded better’. Yaawn! Either invite some totally fresh minds to your studios, or knock this faltu ‘analysis’ out.


No more Kolaveri tidbits, please. The song is screaming out of our ears and lungs already. There’s only that much you guys can milk a good thing.


Oprah’s only ticket to fame is a TV talk show. That too back in Amreeka. So okay, you told us she’s around, she’s partying and she’s shopping in Colaba. Cool. Now can we leave her alone, please? I’d rather you told us a bit more about that deadly tuberculosis bacterium. Or, you could invite Oprah to conduct a talk show on it. That would be nice.


Thank you in advance!




PS: The quick history of advertising. From 2000 BC to 2011 AD. With the help of cool illustrations. Enjoy!





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One response to “Anil Thakraney: Dear News Channel Editors…”

  1. V.Jagannathan says:

    Good one. Perhaps channels should learn what is relevant news for Indians. Jagan

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