Ad Strat: McDonald’s Happy Price Menu

23 Jan,2012

KV Sridhar, NCD, Leo Burnett


Name of the Campaign/Ad: Happy Price Menu

The Brief: Since the launch of Happy Price Menu in 2004, McDonald’s & Leo Burnett have constantly endeavoured to go to consumers every year with a fresh way of communicating the already established Rs 25 affordability message. The outlined challenge for the 2012 campaign was to go beyond transactional/value communication and forge an emotional bond with customers.


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Research insights: While food is why people come to McDonald’s, it’s the moments one shares over that food that makes them come back.


The thought process behind the creative: McDonald’s is all about simple easy enjoyment. The burger may cost a few rupees, but the conversations, the human connection one creates over that burger is priceless. And hence, the core thought – real happiness doesn’t cost a lot – interpreted through simple, everyday, innocent charming stories that bring a smile to your face.


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Media vehicles chosen: The campaign launches with a TV plan and in store merchandizing in the first phase and additional media like radio, outdoor etc will be added in subsequent phases.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: We needed to adhere to brand tone – fun, optimistic, welcoming and genuine. While we worked on compiling mushy priceless moments, we needed to take care that we weren’t being over the top or unreal. All McDonald’s communication must be stories that you can imagine happening around you.


Does the treatment do justice to the brief? Simple execution, enjoyable stories and adorable performances – cliched as it may sound, the films touch an emotional chord and take the happy price menu beyond the basic value for Rs 25!


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What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad? From discovering love in an arranged marriage to realizing that you are more than just a driver to a bunch of school kids to a role reversal between a father and son, all such moments no one can put a price to. So we took these real slice of life situations and married them to the Happy Price Menu’s affordability to create this fresh campaign-emphasizing price yet talking of making moments that will last a lifetime.


Market and client feedback: Rameet Arora, Senior Director McDonald’s, says, “The new McDonald’s campaign for the Happy Price Menu reflects the joy, optimism and happiness that epitomizes McDonald’s. The Happy Price Menu, with its deliciously affordable pricing and iconic products, opens the doors for everyone, young old; affluent, budget seeker; working adult, families. The campaign ropes together the brand, the food and the prices. In my opinion it isn’t just advertising for the budget menu, it’s advertising for McDonald’s the brand.” Within a week of the launch, McDonald’s has reported a significant rise in footfalls.


The campaign got 8,000 hits on YouTube within 4 days of the launch. The films are also being circulated heavily on social media websites.


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