Ad Strat: No kidding with Flipkart

30 Jan,2012

Kartik Iyer, CEO, Happy Creative Services


Name of the Campaign/Ad:

No Kidding. No Worries. –


The Brief :

To convince people that it was safe and hassle-free to shop at In short, build trust for the brand.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Research insights


We found that there were two categories of people we needed to speak to:

a) Those who were already transacting online for tickets on sites like IRCTC and travel sites, but were not shopping for physical goods.

b) Offline shoppers – people who were sceptical about transacting online itself.


We found the common thread between them to be lack of trust, and both groups had common fears:

a) Fear of losing their money by having to pay upfront.

b) Unsure about quality of products and their warranties.

c) Fear of not having a place to replace / exchange a product in the event of a problem, if any.


Flipkart already had the solutions to the above problems in place, ie multiple payment options (including cash on delivery), easy replacement policy, and the fact that they only dealt in original products that came with original warranties. All we had to do was go out and tell the world that there’s nothing to worry about.


Being the first mover, we were clear that Flipkart needed to battle the demons of e-commerce itself. Basically, grow the category.


The thought process behind the creative:

We knew we were pretty much talking to everybody. In some way we had to voice the concerns in the minds of the consumers. So we chose a classic question / answer format that allowed people to recognize their own fears in every piece of communication. Since we were there to build trust, the choice to go ahead with children was almost unanimous, as they are the only ones who trust unconditionally. So we had a format and we had kids, all we needed was a little touch to make it clutter-breaking. So we decided to get the kids to behave like adults and gave them adult voices, which took the experience of watching the commercials to another level. After all, we wanted to tell everyone after every piece of communication that there was no need to have any fear when it comes to shopping on No kidding. No worries.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Media vehicles chosen

TV, Print, Outdoor, Digital.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

Getting the performance right was key. We didn’t want it ending up like a spoof or have the kids ‘trying’ to act like adults. The kids came through like magic. Their performances are there to be seen and appreciated. Full marks to Aiyappa the director and Footcandles the production house for their commitment and efforts. Special mention to Shaun who trained the kids with workshops prior to the shoot, and kept them in great spirits through the entire schedule.


Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

The campaign definitely did justice to the brief. I am not sure if a treatment is expected to do justice to a brief. If i understand your question right, yes it definitely helped people to watch the communication repeatedly, to the point that they not only recalled everything that Flipkart was trying to communicate but also the dialogues from everyone in the films.


What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

The kids acting like adults and speaking in adult voices definitely made the campaign stand out. The little touches of subtle humour only added to repeat value in viewership.


Market and client feedback:

The campaign was appreciated without prejudice by consumers, marketers and industry peers alike.

The commercials went on to become a viral success, and crossed a million views on YouTube alone within two weeks, streaming on channels that were not owned by Flipkart or the agency.

People actually started recalling the dialogues from the commercials in normal conversation. “Thats a classic,” has found its way back into common parlance and comments on Facebook.

The campaign featured among the five most recalled campaigns of the festive season.

It also featured in the most recalled campaigns of 2011 in polls conducted by Financial Express, Business Line, Afaqs, Campaign India and FHM, among others.



1. The website traffic, orders and revenue all doubled post the campaign. In August Flipkart was clocking Rs 30 cr/month. By the end of the campaign they clocked in excess of Rs 60 cr each month.

2. Website traffic jumped to 100 lakh visits per month and 1000 lakh page views.

3. Flipkart is now among top 30 sites in the country ahead of eBay (Alexa rankings) and the largest e-commerce (physical goods) player in the country.

4. Today Flipkart ships close to 30,000 items every day ie 17 items every minute.

5. The campaign was skewed towards the new electronics categories whose contribution went up from 40 percent to 60 percent in the two months of the campaign.


Campaign Credits:

Client –

CEO – Sachin Bansal

VP Marketing – Ravi Vora

Agency – Happy Creative Services

Creative Directors – Kartik Iyer / Praveen Das

Copywriter – Naren Kaushik

Art Director – Anuja Singhal

Acct Management – Ruchika Chaudry / Neelima Kariappa

Strategy – Ravi Bhat

Production House – Footcandles

Director – Aiyappa

Exec Producer – Anand Menon

Producer – Amaerjeet Phukan


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