New English daily in Pune from Aaj ka Anand group

05 Jan,2012

By Akash Raha


Pune is all set to welcome a new English daily. The 40-year-old Aaj ka Anand group is set to bring out the newspaper in a joint venture with  content firm Media Next Private Limited .  Aaj ka Anand publishes a Hindi morning daily, Aaj ka Anand and a Marathi eveninger, Sandhya Anand and has interests in real estate and also runs a budget hotel in the city.


Media Next is a multimedia content service provider whose Chairman is senior Pune-based journalist Mr Anand Agashe. The managing editor of the newspaper will be Mr Agashe, and Ms Vinita Deshmukh, also a veteran Pune journalist and RTI activist, has been appointed as the editor.


Speaking on this development Mr Agashe said, “Pune is becoming a cosmopolitan city and its demographics are changing, with the rise of middle class and upper middle class, whose preferred language for communication is English. The Aaj ka Anand group thought it was necessary to have a English daily which would complement its Hindi and Marathi newspapers.”


While Aaj ka Anand will own the newspaper, the content will belong to Media Next. The application for the newspaper is currently being processed and the name of the English daily is hence still under wraps. According to Mr Agashe, the English newspaper is all set to be launched in the next two to three months.


While Marathi dailies are the dominant players, Pune is already crowded with several established players like The Times of India, Indian Express, DNA and Sakaal Times in the English space. Mid-Day too has a Pune edition. The entire print revenue generated in Pune is said to be between Rs 500-525 crore.


Speaking on this development, Jaisurya Das, Managing Director of Xanadu Consulting Group and a veteran on the Pune market said, “I admire their guts to come out with a English daily, because to get a product differentiated is going to be very difficult and they are not known as market leaders. Aaj ka Anand is a fairly low profile group, which has been active only in the Hindi and Marathi market catering to a B1, B2 or C1, C2 kind of an audience.”


Mr Das feels that there are a couple of issue the group has to work on. “The first thing is, it is not a marketing savvy group, unless they are going to bring a whiz kid. The second is that they have to come up with excellent and differentiated content. I am not saying that there is no room in the Pune market for a newspaper. If you bring in a daily with highly localized local content, it might work. It’s a tough call and unless the group delivers differentiated content and comes up with an aggressive marketing strategy, there is going to be a lot of bloodshed ,” he added.


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3 responses to “New English daily in Pune from Aaj ka Anand group”

  1. Anonymous says:

    गणेश कि दुकान?

    बैठ गये गणेशजी दस दिन के मेहमान,

    बढ गयी है जीससे हर गली-गली कि शान|

    खींच रहे है पकड पकड कर कान,

    जितनी तेरी औकात उताणा दे दे दान|

    चंदे के पैसेको लेकर संस्थामे हुई गरमा-गर्मी

    देख रहे थे गणेश महाराज इन लोगोंकी बेशर्मी|

    साम, दाम,
    दंड, भेद अपनाकर लोग माग रहे है चंदा,

    गणेशजी के दयासे इनका फल-फुल रहा है धंदा|

    बैठकर दिनभर लगाते है हिसाब,

    रातको उन पैसोसे प्याले और कबाब|

    कही पर ४२ फूट के बने हुये है गणेश,

    देख कर सिर घुमा रहे है ब्रह्मा, विष्णू. महेश|

    घंटा-ढोल बजाकर खुश करे अपने आपको.

    अंतिम दिन सजा-धजाकार, टिळक-लक्ष्मी रोडसे घुमायेंगे आपको,

    कलंकित मुठा नदीके जलमे डूबा देंगे आपको|

    जाते जाते देके जाणा हम अज्ञानीयोंको ज्ञान,

    हैवानियत भूलकर हे भगवान! हमको करो सज्ञान|

    उनकेही काम न आये जनताका चंदा,

    ये कैसा है धंदा? ये तेरी कैसे है शान,

    फिरभी हम कहते है मेरा देश महान?

    जिस हाथसे मूर्ती बसी, वही पत्थर बना प्रसाशक,

    सारा देश बन गया है आतंकवादसे नरभक्षक,

    तू कैसा है विघ्न-नाशक?


    15 SEPT 2013

  2. Oldisreallyold says:

    Readers in Pune (and everywhere else) deserve a better newspaper – not 20-30 pages. Let’s hope that this newspaper brings in something new to the readers.

  3. Rakapawar says:

    Mr. Das is right. There is no viable slot for a new English Daily in Pune. Where a powerful Sakal group burnt fingers with Sakal Times, and Intelligent Pune owned by the well known Prabhat Newspaper doomed with sales of not more than 10 copies and a expense of Rs. 5 Lakhs, where would this newspaper stand? Financially the medianext group is perhaps not financially sound. And soon we will know the fate of this newspaper too. How can this new paper beat a powerful and very sound financial group led newspapers like Times of India and Indian Express which gives the readers value for their money and also 20 to 30 pages. The contents of both the newspaper are heavy. Can this newspaper dare to take on Times of India and Indian Express with rich contents, 30 pages, best feature writers, and at an affordable price of Rs. 2 ? Can this newspaper beat both the national English dailies where Sakal Times and Mid-Day has failed? I can only say that the owner of the newspaper is only taking undue risks. If he looks carefully into the pros and cons, he would be smart enough to shelve the project right now. How can the owner afford to pay huge amount of salaries to the staff and gain not even one percent in returns of his investments? Frankly speaking not a wise decision in present times.